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Business owners do not have it easy. We, at Paradiso insurance know that for sure. Top, right, and center, our daily job involves wide-scale interaction with business owners and the problems that we most frequently hear about and are called upon to take care of through insurance are work-related injuries. This is where worker’s comp comes in. It is a form of insurance which provides wage replacement and medical benefits to employees injured in the course of employment. You see, it is the employee’s right to sue his or her employer for the sort of negligence. In such a case, worker’s compensation will not only cover the financial side of things but will also show your employees that you care for them, thereby increasing productivity in the work place.

When do you need worker’s comp?

One of the biggest questions we come across professionally is; “how does worker’s comp help you out?”. In short, it helps you out in case of most emergencies during operational activities. Particularly, in case of work-related injuries, involving your employees, worker’s comp helps you to recover most of your employee’s lost wages while they recover, cover your employee’s medical expenses, and provide your employee’s family with death benefits in case of a fatal accident.

Now, you can always subscribe to a plan that caters to your specific needs but quite often, worker’s comp also helps protect you and your employees financially in case of getting sick after working with chemicals all day, slipping on ice outside the office and breaking a bone or two, or getting a needle stick injury while working on a patient.

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Worker’s comp VS Health insurance

A few business owners also provide their workers with a health insurance and think that they’ve covered work related accidents within the plan. While you can always add worker’s comp and its benefits to your primary health insurance, it generally does not include work-related injuries.

To help protect your injured workers, you’ll need to have workers’ compensation insurance. Plus, it is mandatory in some states too.

What does worker’s comp cover?

Work related injuries and illnesses are covered by worker’s comp. In case of an accident, it helps you covers your employee’s medical expenses, lost wages funeral expenses, disability benefits, and ongoing care costs. However, note that this insurance is only available if your worker gets injured during work and isn’t applicable outside this premise.

Accessing worker’s comp

In case of any work-related injury, an employee should immediately notify their management or the business owner of the situation. After that, the affected party must submit a repost if the incident to the employer. The employer then has a window of 28 days to compensate the worker or deny the claim. For more information, click here.

At Paradiso insurance, we care about the sustainability, longevity, and the success of your business. our agents make sure that you’re covered on all basis – legal or otherwise. this is why we recommend that you look into our workers’ compensation policy and plans to secure yourself, your staff, and your business through the best of means.