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  • Post last modified:October 23, 2020
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Paradiso Insurance is a community-based insurance provider with Patriotism and reverence for the sacrifices of courageous military men and women as a foundational principle.  This Connecticut-based company is mindful of the heart of The American Dream; through hard work, everyone can better their life as well as their children’s in the world’s leading nation.

Our staff works tirelessly to offer professional guidance and market exposure to companies and consumers in our local area and local businesses; serving to assist with insurance needs and to make the insurance purchase and possession procedure as easy as possible. We have the goal of delivering a great and enjoyable insurance experience and growing as a partner with our customers by ensuring that we offer a solution that makes sense in terms of coverage and expense.


Professionals of Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services offer a variety of insurance policies that cover risks faced by companies and people who wish to reduce their financial issues and protect their livelihoods.

We are members of the neighborhood and recognize the world in which our neighbors and business partners live and work. Not exclusive to one company’s products; we have access to a wide variety of insurers and insurance coverage to suit consumer unique situations and requirements. As qualified experts, we listen to what triggers the problems of our clients and identify solutions to reduce these problems.


Our biggest aim is to make it as easy to find the perfect insurance. Well versed in risks and losses Connecticut residents and company owners face their personal and business lives, our team members take the time to listen to you and learn about your life and land. Carefully checking the exposures with you, we design a personalized insurance package.

Working closely with dozens of insurance companies to give you choices, we explain what coverage we recommend, putting in place policies required to ensure your security. We’ll communicate with you regularly, keeping in mind how you want to be communicated with, giving you our undivided attention. If there’s something complicated to explain, we’ll make sure you understand.

We want to make the insurance process easier. We’ll work to accommodate and if your rates go up, we’ll call to review your application and then work to maintain the coverage you need by shopping all of the top providers available and help you find the best value.

Achieving the American dream 

As a local, independent insurance agency, we help our neighbors address the risks associated with pursuing and achieving The American Dream. We take the time to understand you and your particular needs and tailor an insurance program according to your needs.

We shop the best insurance companies available to find the policy or policies that are right for homeowners, business owners, anyone who drives a car, and anyone who requires insurance, at the right price. We aid families and individuals protect the very things they’ve worked so hard for.

We can help you protect your belongings and income with different policies such as renters insurance. Paradiso Insurance also has a wide range of top-notch auto insurance companies to choose from, so you can get the best possible coverage without spending too much money. We have access to policies that help protect specialized insurance products and your other valuable assets also have. 

Via diligent and competent analysis of your interests, we find holes in coverage or decide if you may benefit from any policy shifts. We’re honored that you trust us to set up an insurance policy to protect what’s valuable to you and we’re proud to count you as part of the Paradiso Insurance family.