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Chris ParadisoWhen choosing your insurance, which is best for you, the consumer- an independent agent or a direct writer?

First let’s start with a definition of each.

The Direct Agent aka “Direct Writer” is someone that works for one company.  This means that they can only sell you a policy from their particular company. They are not able to shop around for you to find the best rates at the best price. They have a commitment to the company they are working for.

An independent agent is someone who works for you. They can provide the customer with many different insurance company quotes from many different companies to find the best coverage for the best rates by shopping around.   An independent agent writes policies for several different companies, and they are able to help you find the best company for your specific needs. In other words, they work for you, not a big-name company.

The independent CT insurance agent forms relationships with their clients, provides support, and advises you in the event of a claim. When using an independent agent you can count on them to act as a liaison between you and the insurance company. Your independent agent will help you review your insurance needs and help you to shop around with other companies that may offer you better pricing. Additionally, your local independent agent is a part of your community and has the same interest as you do when it comes to improving that community.

“What I find best about an independent agent is that they have the ability to check with dozens of insurance companies to find the best option for the customer. The independent agent not only sells auto insurance, but also homeowners, health, life, renters, and business insurance as well. Many times you will find this to be more convenient because you can handle all of your insurance needs with one person in one place,” says one loyal independent agent customer. This provides our clients with a one stop shop.

Insurance can become very complicated, but by having an independent agent, they will provide the knowledge you need in order to live worry-free. Independent agents are trained to know the ins and outs of the insurance business.

When you go with a direct writer, you are basically on your own, because, let’s face it, their responsibility is to their COMPANY, no you. Direct writers are fine if you know what you need (no advice needed), but you will have more options with an independent agent.

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