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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Here at Paradiso Insurance, we love supporting local businesses. Whether your business is located here in Stafford Springs, or anywhere else throughout Connecticut, we want to show our support because we are passionate about shopping small and shopping local. We created our partner program to help our clients spread word on their businesses, as well as put Stafford Springs on the map. Today, we are excited to tell you about our partner out of Willimantic, CT, Connecticut Soapstone!

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Established back in 2002 in eastern Connecticut, our partner is the premier Connecticut custom countertop fabricator, and they specialize in crafting granite, corian, quartz, marble, and wooden countertops and surfaces. They can provide long lasting beauty for years to come, and they pride their shop on their craftsmanship, service, and quality. Our partner is customer-focused, and has solutions for any home decor project. From soapstone countertops and sinks to granite & marble products, quartz, natural stone, solid surfaces, wooden countertops, and even soapstone trays, our partner has it all. Looking to get started? You can request a free quote with our partner today!  Or, if you’d like to check out their showroom, they have three convenient Connecticut locations with their beautiful products on display, and you can even call to schedule an appointment for special, personalized attention from their staff.

Our partner has many home renovation solutions for countertops and sinks, and we highly recommend taking a visit down to their shop if you’re considering doing some remodeling. That being said, once your home is looking new and improved, we’re sure you’ll value our partners work, and fall in love with your home all over again. Here at our agency, we know what it’s like to not only own a home, but keep on working toward home improvements as time goes on. For any homeowner, protection is without a doubt a necessity. If you’re interested in getting a free quote for your homeowner’s insurance, or would simply like to discuss your existing policy, feel free to reach out to any of our professional agents today at 860-684-5270.


To contact our partner:

Connecticut Soapstone

22 Vermont Drive

Willimantic, CT 06226

860-456-SOAP (7627) phone

860-450-0000 fax