• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Rain, rain go AWAY! Seriously, let’s have some consistant summer weather already! Well, rain and thunderstorms, no matter how you slice it, are just as much considered ‘summer weather’ than hot, nintey degree days with lots of sunshine.  And with those sometimes nasty thunderstorms comes possible damage to your home, your vehicles (s), and/or other parts of your property.  That’s why we’re here to discuss how you can prepare yourself and your home for impending summer storms in the hope of weathering the storm and not needing to file a CT home insurance claim.

Now speaking of ct home insurance, there are a few scenarios that we need to discuss because each are unique in Hail_cloudstheir own way and affect your insurance coverage differently.  For example, if in fact a thunderstorm causes damage to your home, will the costs to repair the damage be covered under your CT home insurance? Well it depends. Take for example water damage.  If damage is caused from wind and rain, then chances are it will be covered.

However, if flooding is involved, then chances are your home’s insurance policy won’t be covering it… that’s what flood insurance does.  If you don’t have flood insurance, we highly recommend it, especially if you live in a flood-prone area.  Just remember, flood coverage takes about thirty days to kick in, so get it now! If you suffer flood damage a week from now, you’ll literally be up the creek.

Now some other issues that your home could face this summer include sewer backup problems, tree damage, structural damage caused from something belonging to your neighbor’s property, or just your standard hurricane that likes to make an appearance during this time of the year.  Come back tomorrow and we’ll dive into these aforementioned scenarios.  Until then though, try to enjoy this soggy Thursday afternoon!