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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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This year at Paradiso Insurance, our agency first heard about Goals for Bowls from one of their organizers, Sarah. When Sarah reached out to us, we were compelled by her story, and we were immediately happy to show our support.

Goals For Bowls was founded in October 2016, and received their 501c3 designation a few months later. The idea is based off the Toms Shoes one-for-one model. For every soccer ball that they sell, they’ll donate one soccer ball and one meal to a child in need in an underprivileged country. With support and generous donations, together we can feed many more.

Goals for Bowls has three different soccer ball options that they sell. All three are designed by their team. Goals for Bowls has two Size 5 soccer balls (white or black options) and one Size 3 soccer ball (white with blue outline). They sell for $25 each, and they have T-shirt’s available for $20. They also have a Designated Donation that someone can purchase to send to a relative or friend, in which they send them a certificate saying that a donation has been made to a child in need in your name.

Sarah told us, “My mom and I went on our first trip to Ghana this past summer where we raised $800 to feed over 350 kids in an orphanage and small village in Kumasi and Duampopo and took 24 soccer balls to distribute between the two. I grew up playing soccer with several boys from Ghana, so I always knew that it was one place I had to go to give back. We went with another small nonprofit charity that I found on Instagram and connected with.”

This summer, Sarah and her mom and I are heading to the Philippines, where they have raised about $1,100 to take to feed children. They will be taking less soccer balls, as soccer is not as popular there as it is in Africa.

They also have a tentative trip planned in 2019 to go to India and Nepal through Build International Ministries. They plan to start raising funds for that trip shortly after we return from the Philippines.

Our insurance agency was moved by this incredible story, and we wanted to show support in whatever way we can! Today we’re looking to spread the word to get more supporters on board to donate to Goals for Bowls to positively impact the lives of many. Together, we can make a difference!