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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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People often think to give back during the holidays, however, those who need help don’t necessarily stop needing it once Christmastime has ended. In fact, many soup kitchens and shelters need a lot of help this time of year because of dangerously cold temperatures. People without a home or heat desperately need help to stay safe and stay warm.

Here’s how you can help those in need this winter:

1. Help spread the word about warming centers.

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While these aren’t real shelters- they can still provide relief to those struggling in your community, especially when temperatures plummet into the negative temperatures. In fact, libraries, churches, senior centers, and town halls open their doors to those without heat or a home. Additionally, warming shelters can be found all over the state of Connecticut, so be sure to find one closest to you.

Helping those in need this winter is important. So, help spread the word by posting flyers in community centers and local businesses- these areas have a lot of public foot traffic, and you never know who may need to know these types of information. Additionally, share details on social media, public forums, and other online areas too, because those in need can often get free internet access from a variety of places such as, cafes and libraries.

2. Donate essentials.

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Unfortunately, winter can be a hard time for many people, even if they have a roof over their head. The cost of heating can be incredibly expensive to have and maintain. Those in need may not be able to afford the luxury of owning a thick blanket or weather resistant jacket, so if you have old winter clothes lying around- donate them to someone who desperately needs them.

Additionally, thick socks, hats, gloves, scarves, and long johns, are needed items that can help someone survive harsh conditions outdoors and prevent frostbite. These items aren’t super expensive either, but can provide someone the warmth they desperately need.  

You can help those in need this winter by donating winter essentials at most community centers like a church, homeless shelter, or a police station- of course make sure these places are actually collecting donations in advance. Additionally, you can also schedule a donation pickup through different charities like the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation. This way if you don’t have the time or can’t make it to a certain location, they can pick it up for you.

3. Give back to your local soup kitchen.

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Helping those in need this winter also means making sure they have sustainable meals for weeks to come. Therefore, food banks and soup kitchens are a necessity for many people and families and during the winter months- food can help someone keep warm and is a necessity for those who can’t afford it. Additionally, consider donating canned foods that can be consumed hot like soup, beans, ramen, and oatmeal. Additionally, hot chocolate packets, tea, and coffee are also great items to give this time of year, and typically only need hot water to make.

You can also help volunteer during normal operation hours- just be sure to check in with your local soup kitchen, so they’re aware you’d like to help out.

4. Start a community project.

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Another way you can give back to those who need it this winter, is by getting your whole community involved and starting a town wide project. This may be a big feat, and may require permission from certain town officials, however it can make a big impact in the lives of many.

In fact, right here in Stafford we have our own little community food pantry that is restocked with non perishable food by volunteers for those in need to take. It was started by one person who wanted to help those in need in our little town. So, if you have the mindset and can get the support from the right people- anything is possible.

Winter can cause many of us to feel uncomfortable, but imagine how difficult it is for those who live on the streets or cannot afford to heat their homes during the frigid temperatures? Consider helping those in need this winter and impact your community in a positive way.

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