• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Well cupid has reared his head once more.  Love, flowers, chocolates, and way-over-priced cards are abundant today as it is, of course, Valentine’s Day. Today is the day to show how much you care for your loved ones.  We all show signs of appreciation in different ways, but Valentine’s Day seems to bring certain standards: chocolates, flowers, balloons, cards, and the occasional over-the-top teddy bear.  Whatever you chose this Valentine’s Day, I’m sure your loved one will, well, LOVE IT!


If you’re lucky enough to be engaged this Valentine’s Day though, why not give one of the best gifts possible for your loved one.  What’s that you might ask? Connecticut wedding insurance of course!  This is a fantastic insurance policy that all brides and grooms- to-be should look into. Basically it covers you in the event that something drastic happens right before the wedding that may literally cost an arm and a leg to replace or fix.  For instance, say the hall where you’ve booked the reception goes out of business the week prior to your big day.  Other banquet facilities are probably going to charge an astronomical amount for the extreme short notice.  But if you have Connecticut wedding insurance that cost will be covered.


But we don’t want to focus on everything that could go wrong for a wedding.  Instead let’s celebrate the love that is shared this day and for all Valentine’s Days in the future.  And for all of those future husbands and wives out there looking to plan the perfect wedding, give Paradiso Insurance a call to sign up for a policy today!