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Did you know that September is nationally recognized as Baby Safety Month? Here at Paradiso Insurance, we are very family oriented, so we certainly wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to talk about safety tips for you and your family. This month is all about baby safety, and to properly recognize this month, you can use #BabySafetyMonth on your favorite social media networks to join the discussion. Additionally, you can ensure your child is safe during National Baby Safety Month with these tips from our insurance agency.

At Home

Practicing safety at home is something you have full control of as a parent. One of the most hazardous areas in your home for infants tends to be the kitchen, so during baby safety month, we want to let you know how you can reduce risks for your child. First, it’s important to never hold your baby while you are cooking, and try to turn any pot handles toward the back of the stove to prevent them from falling or being tipped over. Additionally, it’s important to keep potentially dangerous kitchenware such as knives and heavy pots out of reach from your child. Lastly, be sure to stash your garbage cans in locked cupboards, or use child safe covers that keep your child out of the garbage.

At the Nursery

Generally speaking, nurseries are safe environments for children all around, but we still have a few tips to give you about nurseries during baby safety month, especially if you work at one! It’s important to keep all furniture away from windows to keep babies from falling through a screen or becoming tangled in the curtain cords. It’s also important to use sheets in cribs that properly fit mattresses, and to use mattresses that fit snug within the crib itself. This will prevent babies from slipping between the mattress and side of the crib.

While you are Out

The last place we have tips for during baby safety month is when you are out and about with your child. It’s important to always, always use a car seat whenever you take your child in the car with you. Additionally, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a tee when installing the car seat within your car, because if there was an accident or sudden stop, simply having followed the instructions properly can save your child’s life.  Plus you want to make sure you’re following all car seat laws.   Additionally, if you are walking instead of taking the car, always put your stroller into the locked position when you are taking your baby in or out of the stroller, or simply remaining stationary. If you have other items to carry like your purse or phone, you can put them in the bottom of the stroller. Just be sure not to hang them from the back of the stroller though, because it could cause it to tip with the unbalanced weight.

If you’re looking for more tips this baby safety month, we’ve got some more unique ideas to share with you! To read on, simply click the button below.

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