• Post last modified:December 2, 2021
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Winter is here, and that means snow, ice, sleet, and other harsh weather conditions. If you are a business owner or manager responsible for employees’ safety on the job site this winter, it’s important to make sure they know what to do to stay safe. This blog post will provide tips on how you can better prepare your business for the winter months so you can avoid workplace injuries which could lead to liability issues down the road.

  1. Tips for Keeping Employees Safe and Avoiding Business Liabilities This Winter
  • Ensure your facilities are well lit so employees can see clearly, have access to exits in case of emergencies. Also, make sure the paths leading up to all entrances are free from snow and ice as this could lead to slips and falls, especially if not salted or sanded properly. Still, don’t assume that salt will take care of melting away ice and snow. You may need to use other ice-melting chemicals or heaters. 
  • If employees must travel by foot outside the business, offer them safety items such as flashlights, reflective clothing, and under-glow lighting for their boots so they can be seen in case of emergencies at night time.
  • If you must continue to work while it’s snowing, make sure employees wear safety goggles and other protective gear such as helmets so they can avoid any impact injuries. Also, make sure all your doors open properly without getting stuck or jamming, which could cause serious problems during an emergency exit situation.
  • Ensure that heating units are working properly, especially if employees are expected to work in the cold for any reason. Maintaining optimal temperature is imperative for employees’ safety and productivity. You don’t want them to catch a cold the next day.
  • Provide your employees with hot drinks like coffee or tea along with some snacks so they can avoid feeling light-headed, dizzy, and fatigued while working long shifts. Hot drinks will also regulate their body temperature and keep them from getting cold when working outside.
  • Encourage employees to dress in layers so they can adjust their clothing if it gets too hot or cold – very important to keep them safe and productive. Depending on whether they are working indoors or outdoors, they can put on or lose clothing layers to achieve a comfortable body temperature.
  • Finally, make sure you’ve designated a break room where employees can warm up, get some food and just sit at a warm temperature to relax before going out into the cold and start working again.

Wrapping Up:

Whether you’re a small or a large business, you need to look after your employees, especially when the weather gets rough. Not only will this make them love working for you even more, but if any liability like employee injury arises in the future, you will have a solid defense as you took the most necessary safety precautions in place.