• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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healthy-57255_640So it’s seems as though this week at Paradiso Insurance we have focused on healthy living and including eating and exercise tips.  In keeping with this theme, we actually found a very interesting article about some foods that we believe are notoriously unhealthy for us, but yet most nutritionists and dietitians  say we should actually consume as a part of a healthy and well-balanced diet.  Now there’s a big BUT here though- all of this needs to be done in moderation though!

So today and tomorrow we’ll discuss some of these foods and how they can actually help you improve your diet and health lifestyle, while also helping out your CT health insurance as well!

1. Coffee
Coffee has some serious health benefits to it, like powerful antioxidants and other types of assistance that can lead to a healthier you.  Just remember, a cup or two a day, not the whole pot.  And try to stay away from the flavored sweeteners and heavy creams.

2. Bacon
Yes, I almost fell out of my chair with this one as well.  The key to eating bacon while remaining healthy is, you guessed it, in moderation.  Crumbled up bacon bits can enhance other healthy foods to make them more appealing than they may seem- looking at you vegetables.  But remember, again, small amounts!

3. Yogurt
Now you may be surprised that yogurt is on the list, because it’s usually pretty healthy, but let’s be honest, you always buy the low cal, low fat kind of yogurt.  But in fact, having the full fat yogurt will make you feel fuller for a longer amount of time and lead to less over-eating. Again, just remember to have it in moderation.

4. Potatoes
Ah, the food of my Irish ancestors.  There’s no denying that the potato has numerous health benefits in it.  But it’s also on the no- eat list for all of you ‘no carb/starch’ people.   Here’s the truth:they’re packed with vital nutrients like B vitamins and iron, plus vitamin C, calcium, potassium, and fiber.  So have a small baked potato with dinner and don’t worry about it!

5. Pasta
Ah, the food of my other ancestors, the Italians.  The fresh pasta that might be slightly hard to find in a supermarket (but trust us, it’s there), can have significant health benefits if paired with something lean, like chicken, and healthy fats, like those in olive oil. Oh and don’t forget those veggies! Man, a chicken veggie pasta dish with some oil sounds pretty spectacular right about now!

Come back tomorrow to find out what the remaining five foods on our list are!