• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Piggy bank with dollar bills sticking outWe obviously talk A LOT about ct insurance here for obviously reasons.  There’s is really an unending list of different insurance policies out there, and we could describe them and dissect them until we were blue in the face.  But in the most basic form, there are three  ct insurance policies that everyone should ABSOLUTELY have at all times (when applicable that is… you’ll understand what we’re referring to).

Frist and foremost, the policy that everyone needs is ct homeowners insurance.  Now obviously this applies to anyone that owns a home, but if you’re a renter, there’s renter’s insurance available as well.  But in any event, homeowners insurance is SO important because all you have to do is think about it- your home is probably one of the largest investments you’ll ever make.  So having insurance to back that investment up is crucial to your financial well-being.  And furthermore, here’s the other thing… you really can’t get ‘out’ of not having a policy.  If you have a mortgage, then chances are you’ll be required by your lender to have a policy- simple as that.

Second is auto insurance… again, that’s if you have a vehicle.  Just think about the risks involved with driving, even if you’re a safe driver! Just because you’re a safe and responsible driver doesn’t make everyone else just like you.  So having auto insurance is key… but it’s also the law as well! If you’re caught without insurance then you may face a pretty steep fine and a possible license suspension!

And then finally there’s health insurance.  With the new health care law, you’re pretty much required to have some type of coverage, unless you’re under the age of 25.  The fee isn’t terrible, but it’s enough for some people to get the insurance rather than pay the fine.  Our suggestion… get coverage.

Have a great weekend!