• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Here at Paradiso Insurance, we often discuss the normal circumstances that surround CT insurance claims like car accidents or house fires.  But what many people don’t know is that your CT insurance covers a lot more than you think it does.  And when we say a lot more, we really mean a lot more… especially for certain unique items or circumstances.

Today, and for the next two days, we will discuss some unusual things that CT home insurance does actually cover. And when we mean unique, we really do mean unique.  So keep reading for the first four on this list, and then Tuesday we’ll touch on the next four, and then finally wrap up the discussion on Wednesday with the last three.

So without further adieu, here you go!

1) Consumed jewelry by a four legged friend.  Some gems and jewels are covered under your home’s CT insurance policy, so if a ring or earring is damaged from accidentally being eaten by your pet, the replacement or fix cost for it will be covered.

2) Wedding moved! Say for example you have a wedding planned on your home’s property because you have beautiful scenery or a lovely gazebo. But unfortunately there was a house fire a few days back and you now have to move the wedding to another location.  Luckily for you though, the relocation fee is taken care of through your CT homeowners insurance.

3) This is a really interesting one.  Policy holders might not be aware that a request for decorating fees can be made if they used a decorator in the past.  Since these fees can be quite expensive if repairs have had to be made, then you can request help through your insurance.

4) Collectables.  Now when we say this, you probably think of baseball cards or stamps, which we do cover, but there have also been requests for such items like those little furry collectibles known as Beanie Babies. But just remember, there’s a BIG difference between a collector and a hoarder.

Come back tomorrow to find out numbers 5-8!