• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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The good news is this: people are living longer now than they ever have in human history- how great is that?! Just how long are we now living? Well, it’s pretty long if you consider that it’s an average… 78 years! That’s a pretty fantastic average if you ask me.  But anyway, the real story is this: women are consistently living longer than men, and will continue to do so.  Just how much longer, you ask? Well, girls born after 2000 are expected to live to almost 82 years, and boys to almost 77.  But why is there so much discrepancy between the sexes, and what does furthermore, how does this factor into CT life insurance?

Well, there are actually a number of reasons why women are, and continue to, live longer than men.  But the first reason is actually simple science. When babies are in the womb, boys are more likely to unfortunately fall victim to infections or some other problems while in the prenatal stages of a pregnancy.

But besides science, it’s also a sociological difference as well that contributes to longer life expectancy of women.  Men are far more likely to take silly risks (aka daredevils) than women.  In fact, unintentional injuries are the third leading cause of death in men… there’s your startling stat for the day.  Additionally, women are far more likely to voice their opinions and struggles with others, whereas men are far more likely to bottle up there emotions and stresses.  This vocal release that women exercise lowers stress levels that directly relate to heart issues and other medical problems.

And finally, if that wasn’t enough… it’s proven fact that women simply take better care of themselves.  They go to the doctors more often, consume healthier foods, and are simply more conscious about their overall health then men.  All we know though, from a CT life insurance standpoint is this: women are the true survivors it seems like!