• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Are you ready to take a big step towards adulthood? While the responsibilities as an adult are endless, there is one major one that our Connecticut agents would like to point out: purchasing life insurance. While this may seem like a somber topic, we beg to differ. Purchasing this policy is critical for both you and your family, ensuring that your loved ones will be covered if something unexpected should happen to you.

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Many times, people are afraid of life insurance due to the myths surrounding it. This week, we are here to set a few straight. Here are three myths, debunked:

Myth 1: Life insurance is unaffordable.

In all honesty, the cost of life insurance has actually come down in recent years. Also, there are always ways to ensure that your premium remains low, such as living a healthy lifestyle, staying clear of high-risk activities and not smoking.

Myth 2: If you have a medical condition, you will not receive life insurance.

Do not be afraid to be honest. If you are not honest about your health, you may be penalized and never be able to receive coverage! Many insurers WILL cover people in high-risk classifications. Sure, your premium may be higher than the next person but at least you will not be denied this crucial coverage.

Myth 3: Your lifestyle will not affect the cost of your premium.

This is completely false. Your life insurance premium is based on a variety of factors, mostly having to do with the lifestyle you choose to live! Some factors include: hobbies, weight, marital status, occupation, whether you choose to smoke or not, etc.

Do not let these myths fool you! No matter what you hear about life insurance, it is always best to discuss your concerns with your agent. Our agents in Connecticut would be more than happy to answer your burning questions. Together, we can put together a comprehensive and affordable life insurance policy. Stop by and speak with us today!