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If something ever happens to you, and your family was leftwith nothing, then that probably wouldn’t be the greatest legacy to leave.  CTgeneral life insurance will provide for your family when you’re gone andfurthermore will allow for them to continue living their normal lifestyle. Oncemore, life insurance is a great way to start investing your money as well,beginning at a relatively young age.

1. So Just Why do you need ct general life insurance?
Life insurance is first and foremost, created to take care of your family,financially when you pass away. The great thing about life insurance is that itcan help pay for mortgages, a college education, or help fund retirement

2. How much do you and your family need?
In order to
determinethe proper amount of life insurance, simply ask any of Paradiso’sInsurance experts who can guide you along in the process.  If you’re simply looking for a roughestimate, a general rule of thumb is to take your current annual salary and multiplyit by 8.

3. So which is right for you?
When your estimates on the amount of coverage you’ll need are finished, thenit’s time to search out which policy is perfect for your situation.  There are four basic types of life insurance:term, whole life, universal life, and variable life. When purchasing a policyfor the first time, there should be a policy that is fit just for you.

Hopefully these tips help you in your search for the bestlife insurance possible for you. Remember that Paradiso Insurance hasthe best rates around for any insurance policy you may need, so why hesitateany longer? If you’re looking for a new CTgeneral life insurance policy, stop down to our office on East Main Streettoday.