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What more can I say about this great company? Both their staff and service are phenomenal! And not to mention the KATE & KURT SHOW! Wow! What other insurance agency does something like that and goes the extra step for their clients? Maybe some do, but I’m not talking just a phone call to reach out and say “Hi.” I’m talking about a welcoming visit or a chance to interact with the staff and be a part of something GREAT!! Everyone at Paradiso Insurance is dedicated to the town and shows pride in their work. You tell me what other insurance company is going to write your business policy and then market you for FREE!? But that’s just one of the many things that make Chris Paradiso and his crew unique. Check them out and see for yourself if you don’t believe me!
Fred Nassiff
Chris, I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed by the quick response from Fred regarding my denial of the “spoilage” claim. As always, you and your team follow through quickly and I appreciate it.
We have been in business since 1985 and have never received this kind of service from any insurance company. You folks are the best. Thanks again for the best service we could ever ask for!!
Chuck Neri
Mr. Christopher Paradiso and all of his staff at Paradiso Insurance have been a godsend to me and to my family. Our home in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, burned down on Dec. 20, 2010. Early the next morning, Mr. Paradiso was on the scene with us, assisting us, working with the insurance company and town officials and everyone else involved, helping us, using his expertise to make the whole claims process easier and faster for us. He spent most of that week with our family, outside in the cold, giving up his valuable time when he could have been elsewhere making money, using his invaluable expertise to help us. As with most people, I did not have the specialized knowledge needed to successfully deal with the aftermath of our house burning down. Mr. Paradiso has this knowledge and shared it freely and abundantly with us, helping us to make it through and to get the full insurance settlements we were entitled to. We would have been lost without him. As I write this, more than a month after the fire, Mr. Paradiso and his staff remain on the job, taking our side, working for us whenever and wherever we need him, literally at any hour, day or night. I shudder to think just where we would be without him. He and his staff are caring, knowledgeable, honest and thoroughly dedicated to helping, serving and advocating for their clients. My wife Maureen and I recommend Christopher Paradiso and Paradiso Insurance unreservedly.
John D. Ryan
I switched my insurance just over a year ago to Chris’s agency. It has been a pleasure to have his agency represent me. I had an issue with my roof during the December Blizzard. Chris and his team were extremely helpful and made sure my issue was addressed quickly. I would recommend Paradiso Insurance to anyone looking for Insurance. My thanks to Chris and his Team for a job well done.
John Locke
Anton Reed is the BEST! Since finding Anton through one of my clients, I have introduced him to many associates, clients, family and friends! He never ceases to treat each with respect and dignity. Paradiso has very affordable lines of insurance and all the people I have sent to them have saved significantly on their new policies compared to the companies they were with!
Dear Chris, What an amazing partner and advocate you are for Connecticut Children’s. Your enthusiasm is endless and your commitment unmatched. Thank you for coming out to Lime Rock on Sunday. Thank you for the t-shirts, the bouncy houses, the fruit, the water, the cotton candy…Thank you for everything you did to help make the event a success and the new relationships you have helped us create. I am so grateful to you for making Connecticut Children’s a priority.
Connecticut Children’s Medical Center Foundation, Inc.
Wow, you guys are good. I called Bank of America to see what’s going on. She said they are in the process of paying you already and we’re going to get a refund in about ten days. I can’t wait until my ex-agent calls so I can tell him how a good agent works. Thanks!
Dave Gerson
Gerson Reporting Service
Paradiso Insurance is big on getting the job done. Recently I was having trouble with a retirement rollover from one of those other companies, so I asked Chris for help. Right away he and his staff made the calls, kept me informed and got the job done. It is so nice to have a company that you trust but most of all that stands behind their people. Thank you for getting the job done. You’re The BEST!!
To Whom It May Concern: Bob Charland and I are the Owners/Operators of Shark Cycle in Stafford Springs, CT and have been in business for over fourteen years. We are currently one of the largest power sport stores in CT selling over 1500 units resulting in 10M in sales in 2008. Polaris reported our store as a ‘top gun’ dealer for highest ATV sales in New England for three years in a row and we pride ourselves on being the ‘best in class’ in customer service. Our business has a variety of insurance needs and had worked with several agents before we met Chris Paradiso and Paradiso Insurance. The difference between Chris and other agents we’ve worked with is that he is hands-on, attentive to our needs on an ongoing basis, and puts significant effort into ensuring we have the right amount of coverage at the best price. Other agents had left us somewhat exposed and forgot about us immediately after the sale. Chris keeps his finger on the pulse and follows up with us to ensure that we are pleased with the service we are getting and consults with us on a regular basis regarding our insurance needs. We get personal attention and he is always available to take our calls and answer any questions or concerns we might have. In addition, we, like Chris, have a strategic vision for our company and part of that strategy is to capitalize on Internet marketing in order to gain competitive advantage and increase our future sales. Chris goes out of his way to share Internet marketing information that has assisted us in growing our business. We know that our business relationship with Chris and Paradiso Insurance will continue for many, many, many years to come!
Catherine Maule
Owner / Shark Cycle
To Whom It May Concern: Please accept my recommendation of Christopher Paradiso without reservation. I have known Chris for numerous years, and can unequivocally attest to his honesty, loyalty and his complete competence in both personal and business matters. Chris has been active in community affairs and is enthusiastic and has sincere integrity. I am proud to say he is a friend as well as my business associate and it is a distinct pleasure to recommend Christopher Paradiso.
Scott A. Nigro
I am writing to let you know that I read the article in Rough Notes about Paradiso Insurance and Chris Paradiso. I have had the pleasure of working with Chris for a little over a year. I find it amazing that someone in Chris’s position seems more concerned about helping me be successful in my business than what I can do for him. I am part owner of a life insurance brokerage firm and strive to offer the best service possible to the agents I work with. Chris is continually looking for ways to help me increase my business. He is helping me to implement some of the advances in technology that he incorporates in the every-day functioning of his business into mine. I believe that with the help Chris has and will be providing me, I will find sources of business I never realized were available. Chris regularly invites me out to his agency to sit down with not only himself but his entire staff where I can pick their brains for ways to apply the computer savvy that Chris has developed to my own brokerage business. Thank you for highlighting Chris and Paradiso Insurance. Entrepeneurs like Chris should be recognized for their ability to run a successful business and give back to the community and help others be successful. Keep up the good work!
Stephen McLaughlin
I met Chris quite a few years ago through a friend who suggested I contact him to help me with my insurance needs. Since then, he’s not only given me uncommonly found great service (especially these days) and has saved me a ton of money, but has become a friend as well. He’s a great person to have on your side, proactively finding you better rates on the identical or even better insurance policies. It’s certainly not uncommon for him or his team to randomly check to see how you’re doing and if you have any questions or concerns. Do yourself a favor and give him a call; worst case, you’ll probably make a trusted friend out of the deal. Thanks Chris!
Jason Johnson
Chris, State Auto called and got all the info from me. They said that they would take care of the claim, no problem. A big thank you to you and your staff for handling this promptly. You are the best!
Tim Panciera
Chris and his team are great. We used them for our business policies and they got us a great rate and great coverage.
Emily B.
I highly recommend Paradiso Insurance to anyone looking for auto, homeowner insurance, etc! Chris Paradiso is amazing and is always on the lookout to get his clients the best deals possible on their insurance. He has also done a ton of charity work for the Children's Hospital and he has done a ton to help our company with our social marketing and helping us with our business partners with their marketing as well! An all-around amazing company!
Carolyn D.
I can't say enough about Paradiso Insurance and its staff! Fast service, great quotes, very accommodating and they will bend over backwards to make sure you're happy in every respect. They help me with our home, auto and business insurance.
Frankie Z.
Chris is one of those rare individuals you encounter in life who is willing to share his ideas with others in his field. In my 21 years as an agency owner, I have never come across an agent that is willing to help competitors as willingly as Chris.
Paul T. Murphy
I challenge anyone to find a more responsive, more caring, more giving and more excited insurance company and staff than the company known as Paradiso Insurance. Chris Paradiso and his entire team exemplify compassion, integrity, loyalty and commitment. They spend more time building and promoting others without ever think of themselves.
Christopher Grant-Connector
Last year I went to Paradiso Insurance for an insurance quote. They gave me a fantastic price for my house as well as full coverage for two vehicles. They saved me over 950 dollars a year. I came back when my motorcycle insurance due. Got a good rate then, too. I've since recommended two family members who also saved money on their insurance needs. Keep up the good work Chris Paradiso.
Anthony Guardiani

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