We have talked about weddings a couple of times here. Protection for your wedding is absolutely crucial. With the cost of a wedding often topping $30,000, there is no reason to not insure your special day. However, weddings are not the only large-scale events you should insure. Birthday parties (especially ‘Sweet 16’) can cost thousands of dollars. Bar and Bat Mitzvahs can be even more expensive than a wedding. Family reunions and retirement parties can also be incredibly pricy. Let’s say for example that your child is reaching the age where a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is required. To plan the event, your family sits down and makes a list of everything you will need. On the list so far is a venue, a caterer, a planner a florist, a band, a rabbi, a photographer, and many other special people. The price is astronomical! After a few more hours of brainstorming the list is finalized. Your family is certain that everything is covered. However, one crucial thing you forgot is insurance. A few weeks pass, and the family is becoming more and more excited for the big day. Finally! The day of the celebration is almost here! However, on the morning of the huge gathering, your family wakes up to over a foot of snow. The weather channel shows massive outages and heavy snow all day. What now? All the people you hired will likely not return your deposit. You stare at your snow-covered lawn and think of the money you just lost.

Fortunately, your (incredibly thoughtful) wife tells you that she purchased a $350 policy on the party, negotiated by Chris Paradiso of Paradiso Insurance. This policy covers the fees associated with rescheduling your child’s big day. Nothing to worry about! For such a cheap price, the benefits are enormous. All large events should be insured. To find out how to insure your large event, contact Chris Paradiso at 800.660.2991 or visit our website.

– The Paradiso Team