As we’ve said before, investing in a quality general CT life insurance policy is perhaps the smartest investment you can make, and the best decision for your family’s continue well being even after you’re gone.  But what specifically can a policy provide? Well, we’re glad you asked.

There remains many ways in which a general CT life insurance can assist your family when you’ve passed on, but specifically there are four key ways in which this policy can help your family continue on with normal financial stability:

1.  Ensure steady income: We aren’t saying that general CT life insurance will replace you, but what it can do is fulfill your family’s financial needs if you pass away.  These financial needs include funeral costs, any outstanding debts, mortgages, and every day expenses like putting food on the table and clothes on your children.  

2.  Miscellaneous house needs: Those tasks performed by a stay-at-home parent can’t be priced, but general CT life insurance can provide enough funding to assist your spouse with such things like daycare, transportation or other household chore expenses. 

3.  Benefits that you personally can utilize during your lifetime: By choosing a policy such as whole CT life insurance, then the cash value of the policy you take out can essentially be used for large life expenses like mortgages, weddings or the ever-increasing expense of college tuition.  What do we mean by cash value you ask? Basically over the course of the policy, you pay premiums, like every other insurance policy.  But with this policy, the value of the policy builds over time, and you can access that money. There’s a big however though- accessing this cash is technically a loan that accrues interest, and it will also decrease your death benefit on this specific policy. 

4.  Your legacy, plain and simple:  Long story short, a general CT life insurance policy can establish a financial legacy for your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc. Moreover, you can also use this policy to create a charitable donation or scholarship opportunity for a deserving, driven student.  The choice is yours.

We feel like those four reasons above are the key factors that should convince you to invest in a general CT life insurance policy.  You certainly don’t want to leave your family with nothing, so why not leave them enough to continue on? Furthermore, why not leave a legacy that could essentially help out future generations as well? Give Paradiso Insurance a call today to inquire about a policy! 860-684-5270