Do you feel like you are paying too much for life insurance? Chances are, you just may be. Your life insurance premium is determined by a variety of factors, including your age, overall health, risk, lifestyle and much more. With so many factors being taken into consideration, it is easy to be overcharged. There are always ways to lower your premium! As your reliable Connecticut life insurance company, we are here to share these tips with you.

#1: Pay your bill annually. Some agencies will lower your premium if you pay all at once, as opposed to a monthly fee. Be sure to ask!

#2: Put out the cigarette. It is a known fact that smokers pay more than non-smokers, for health reasons. Putting out the cigarette may not only save your life, but your wallet and premium as well!

#3: Bundle your policies. Consider buying life insurance from the same company who insures your car and home. Bundled policies will save you money and it is easier to keep track of your bills!

#4: Get active. Believe it or not, but overweight individuals will sometimes have higher premiums. This all comes down to the health factor.  Getting in shape will put you at less of a risk, resulting in a lower premium.

#5: Choose term life. Studies show that term life will cost you less than whole life in the long run. Yes, whole life may be tempting but be sure to look into term life before making a decision.

If you are looking to lower your insurance premium, you should just ask your agent. At Paradiso Insurance, we encourage our clients to ask questions! As long as you are honest and explain your situation, we can help. You will be surprised by how much money you may be able to save. So what are you waiting for? Be sure to visit our Connecticut life insurance company and look into our term and whole life policies to find the perfect plan for your lifestyle.