With the cold weather on its way, it is time to break out the skis, ice skates and snowboards! Sure, children and teens love winter sports, but who says adults can’t? This season, get in touch with your wild side once again and strap on that snowboard. Not so fast though- it’s important to look over a few safety tips and precautions to avoid an injury. As your reliable Connecticut life insurance company, we have some advice to offer before hitting the slopes.

#1: Warm up. Before any sport, it is crucial to warm up beforehand. Be sure to stretch out your legs, arms and even torso. This will get the blood flowing and your muscles ready for the activity.

#2: Gear up. This does not only include wearing the proper jacket, padding and helmet, but also the right board or skis. Make sure you can move well and feel comfortable.

#3: Know your limits. The stunts on ESPN look awesome. However, please refrain from engaging in a risky stunt. When you were younger, you may have been able to engage in these stunts. Now that you are older…things are different.

#4: Protect yourself. If you are an extreme winter sports junkie, it is safe to say that you are putting yourself at risk. It is important to speak with your Connecticut life insurance company to install the proper protection. You never know what could happen out on the slopes- you must accept the risk!

#5: Bring a friend. If you buddy up, you can count on your friend to be there if something happens. Hitting the slopes alone is not as fun, anyway!

Now, are you ready to gear up and go? Winter sports are fun for all ages, as long as you stay protected. As long as you are properly covered in the right gear and covered with the right insurance, you will be able to enjoy the day without stressing out about the unexpected!

Our Connecticut life insurance company can offer you a few options, from term, whole to even a combination of both. No matter what you choose, you will feel much safer knowing that your life is protected, no matter what risks you face! Have fun!