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Whether you’re at a party, a wedding, or a concert, there are always plenty of instances when you could and should be dancing. But maybe you don’t feel confident enough yet in your abilities to dance anywhere but alone in your room with your favorite song blasting over the radio. That’s where our partner Arthur Murray Dance Centers comes in! They are a premier school for ballroom dance lessons with locations throughout Connecticut. We’re so glad to promote a business that truly connects with their customers and provides them with a fun experience while also teaching great skills! Their excellent customer service and unique dance instruction techniques have kept Arthur Murray Dance Centers thriving for over 100 years.

It all began when Arthur Murray started teaching dance at the Grand Palace in NYC in 1912, during his spare time. Arthur’s lessons stood out because of his involvement in the American social dance scene, which made him a pioneer in his field. As interest in what he was doing grew, Arthur and his wife Kathryn opened their first dance school together in 1925. Their studio introduced new dances to the public, including the “Big Apple,” which made their company famous. Eventually, this small dance studio grew to many franchised locations. Arthur and Kathryn even hosted the TV show Arthur Murray Party on CBS! Now, there are Arthur Murray Dance Centers all over the world, making this business a true example of how hard work can lead to real success. You can sign up for classes in Bloomfield, Danbury, Glastonbury, Greenwich, Guilford, Hamden, Niantic, Vernon, or West Farms and join their legacy!

You can choose a specific class depending on what you’re looking for. Arthur Murray Dance Centers offer instruction in just about every dance you can think of, including waltz, rumba, cha-cha, swing, salsa, tango, and more! There are even special classes for social dancing, competitive dancing, and weddings. All of these dances are taught in individual or group lessons. You can also opt for practice sessions or parties, which offer less instruction and more time for you and your friends to show off what you’ve learned! Finally, lessons are also tailored to your skill level! As your confidence, ability, and interests progress, you can move up in the courses. Clearly, Arthur Murray Dance Centers have something for everyone and create  tailored experiences for each customer. No matter what class you pick though, it is guaranteed that you will learn through the Arthur Murray teaching method, which has been proven extremely successful throughout their history and sets their studios apart from others.

We really recommend that you give an Arthur Murray Dance Center near you a visit if you’re interesting in improving your dancing and just having fun! Our insurance agency is so proud to partner with companies like this one that really go above and beyond. We also love having the privilege to insure them, as no business should be without protection from risk. If you need Connecticut Business Insurance, please give us a call at 860-684-5270 so we can tailor a policy that fits the specific needs of your business!



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Arthur Murray Vernon Dance Center

520 Hartford Turnpike, Suite A

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