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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Commonly, distracted driving is associated with teens and their phone usage behind the wheel. While this is unfortunately still a problem across the country, parents are more distracted than ever before, and that’s where distracted driving prevention comes into fruition.

Life can become pretty stressful for families who need to commute around for doctor’s appointments, after school activities, errand runs, and other events. Additionally, if kids are yelling and misbehaving, you could have a recipe for a serious distractions. In fact, children are often some of the worst distractions a driver can face behind the wheel.

It’s the driver’s responsibility to remain focused on the road no matter what happens.

So, as a parent, what distracted driving prevention tips can you use?

First of all, give yourself enough time before you head out. Often times parents are left rushing everyone out the door to make it on time for school, work, or other obligations. Stressing about getting to your destination on time and having overactive children  can lead to disaster. Therefore, if you know you need extra time to get ready, make sure you plan for it.

Secondly, make sure everyone, including yourself, eats before you head out. Even having something as simple as a cup of yogurt or a banana can help to keep you satiated and stress free. Plus, feeding the kids before you go will prevent them from begging for food in your vehicle. This is dangerous because your focus should be on the road, not handing them food.

Speaking of eating in the car, try not to do it yourself. Not only will you prevent messes this way, but it will prevent major accidents. You can’t drive a vehicle safely if you have a sandwich in one hand, and a drink in the other.

Additionally, if food doesn’t prevent your fussy riders from relaxing during the car ride, then technology can be your best friend. For a quiet and relaxing car ride, give each of your children an inexpensive tablet (if they don’t have one) with headphones, and load the tablets with kid friendly apps. This way no one is fighting to take turns, and you won’t have to drive distracted.

You can also purchase a simple back seat tabletop, which allows kids to read, write, color, and play with their toys without making a mess.

Of course, problems can and do happen when you have children in the car. The best way to handle a situation is to pull over, not continue to drive. This way you can properly handle it, and not put the lives of your family at risk.

When you drive, remember to do your part. Keep your family and other families safe on our public roadways, and keep these distracted driving prevention tips in mind. For more tips on safe driving, simply click the button below.