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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Christmas is almost here, and if you haven’t finished your shopping yet, not to fear! The team at Paradiso Insurance has compiled a list of the best kids toys for Christmas to get your children.


1. Nintendo Switch


Number one on our list is the Nintendo Switch, not only is this gaming console perfect for your children, but it can be fun for anyone in the household! Additionally, compared to the PlayStation or Xbox, it’s much more convenient since it is also a portable console.


2. Nerf Laser Ops Pro


If you have kids that love to play laser tag or are super competitive, make sure to get the Nerf Laser Ops Pro! You won’t have to bring your kids out to enjoy a nice game when you have these toys at home.


3. Crayola Chemistry Set


Crayola is famous for their crayons, markers, and other creative tools for kids, but did you know they also make kits that help kids learn? With the Crayola Chemistry Set, your kids can have fun and learn about science at the same time!


4. Ozobot Bit Coding Robot


Another great way to get your children to learn while having fun is through the Ozobot Bit Coding Robot. These robots are more on the pricier range (depending on which one you get), but they’re a great way to get your child into the world of coding and computing. Ozobot is one of the best kids toys for Christmas if you’d like your children to learn more!


5. Hot Wheels Ultimate Gater Car Wash Playset


If your children are a fan of Hot Wheels or toy cars in general, the Hot Wheels Ultimate Gater Car Wash Playset is for them! This unique playset features some interesting mechanics, and even lets you pour hot and cold water into parts of the track. Additionally, your kids can watch in awe as the water actually changes their toy cars different colors. This playset is a must have for the Hot Wheels enthusiast in your household.


6. Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle


Barbie has been around for years, but she’s made some career changes recently. This year, you’ll be able to purchase your children their very own Barbie Care Clinic Vehicle playset. Barbie isn’t included, but the vehicle opens up to reveal a doctor’s office and exam room with all the tools your children need to play as a real life doctor.


7. L.O.L Surprise!


L.O.L Surprise! is a fun way for your children to start their very own doll collection. Each of these dolls comes in a hidden capsule with accessories, so you’ll never know which character your children will get! Even better, L.O.L Surprise! has a fun doll house you can build with your children and is one of the best kids toys for Christmas.


8. littleBits Inventor Kit


Do you have a young tinkerer or inventor in the household? Pick them up a littleBits Inventor Kit for Christmas. They’ll be able to build a variety of kid friendly electronics and have fun learning about the way things work.




Children love LEGOs! Plus, with the many kits and sets you can choose from, so make sure to get your child a set with their favorite characters this year, and let their imagination run wild as they build.


10. Tic Tac Tongue


While most kids enjoy their entertainment through a smart device, they can still enjoy a hands on game with the family. Tic Tac Tongue is a game that requires your children wearing chameleon masks with “tongues” and knock over playing pieces with said tongues. It’s a great way to bring back family night in the household.

This Christmas, make sure to get your children one of this year’s best kids toys for Christmas, and we’re certain they won’t be disappointed! For more fun with your children this holiday season, click the button below.

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