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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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As a business owner, you need to be willing to face risks. Depending on what industry you are in, some risk can be higher than others. When it comes to owning a gym, risk runs high, it’s just the nature of the business. Being aware of best practices, as well as having the proper business insurance policies in place,  can help you handle those risks. Today we would like to talk about things you should keep in mind  as you strive to create a  safe fitness facility!


Equipment is obviously a huge part of owning a gym, and your customers are using these machines every single day. This is why it is crucial that you, and your staff, know them inside and out, Make sure that you know::

  • How machines work: Knowing how to properly operate equipment will help avoid injury, especially when helping someone use that machine. Be sure you and your staff are able to give proper instruction.
  • Parts of the machines: Be sure you and your staff are familiar with the specific parts of each piece of equipment so that they are able to quickly identify any missing pieces.
  • Signs of malfunction: It’s important to make sure that your machines are all well maintained and functioning properly.

Avoiding Injuries

Injury is possible anywhere. However, in a gym, chances for injury are significantly increased. Analyze your set-up to make sure that everything is placed properly and within safe working distance. Be sure you are equipped with signs that may indicate a wet floor, or unsafe equipment. Don’t forget, avoiding injuries outside is just as important. Be prepared to keep the outside of your facility clean during winter weather.


Having trainers at your gym is a great way to attract more customers. Be sure that all of your trainers are highly qualified and well-trained. You customers depend on your trainers to provide them with guidance, so making sure you’re giving them someone experienced and knowledgeable is important!

Remember, no matter how safe you are, things happen and you have to be prepared! We are here to listen to you so we know your needs, make sure you understand your options, give you the coverage you need, always display to you why we are better than your other insurance options, and much more.