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Here at Paradiso Insurance, we want to become your trusted provider for HVAC contractor insurance, but we also want to help you protect your business in other ways, too. We regularly insure HVAC companies, so today we’d like to talk about protecting your HVAC business to help you stay prepared for anything that comes your way. We appreciate that you’re always working to improve our air quality, and we’d like to return the favor by helping you protect your business.

How Much Liability Insurance Do You Need For Your HVAC Business?

The level of liability insurance needed for you HVAC business really comes down to your specific HVAC business needs. 

Paradiso provides industry-leading insurance for HVAC contractors that can cover every aspect of your operation. 

Unsure what kind of insurance you may need?  Read our recent post: What Kind of HVAC Insurance Do I Need for a Business in Connecticut.

Basic HVAC insurance coverages consist of:

  • General Liability: This coverage pays for bodily injury and property damage if it arises as a result of your business operation or from your employees. Installation and repair problems can lead to damage and General liability insurance is critical for protecting your business and providing peace of mind to your customers.
  • Commercial Auto: You’ll need this policy if you use a vehicle to travel to job sites and carry supplies like air conditioners, duct work, and tools.  Commercial auto coverage for HVAC contractors can cover your vehicles and your employees in the event of an auto accident and even provide coverage for vehicle theft and vandalism. We can help you with coverage for cargo vans, box trucks and trailers.

Additional HVAC contractor insurance:

  • Business Owner’s Policy: Get a combination of general liability and protection for both personal property and commercial buildings.
  • Worker’s Comp: Get coverage for employee medical costs and lost wages if they become injured or ill while under your employ.

How Much Does Insurance For HVAC Contractors Cost?

While the average cost of general liability insurance by itself can range from $398 all the way up to over $1200 annually, you’ll need a comprehensive combination of coverage to protect your HVAC business. The total cost of insurance for HVAC contractors can vary depending on the size of your business, how many employees, vehicles, and tools that you need to be covered.  Our experienced insurance team can assist you in finding the perfect combination of HVAC insurance coverage to help your business continue growing. 

Going Beyond HVAC Contractor Insurance: Other Ways To Protect Your Business

Risk Management

There are several things you must look out for on a daily basis, but let’s start by going over some general risk management.  To start, make sure that you are properly maintaining all of your equipment. This includes chiller drain cleaners, industrial vacuums, hose or pipe cleaners, pressure washers, tube cleaners, and descaler systems.  Another thing you should keep in mind is to consult an attorney before signing off on any contracts, just to be sure you’re legally covered.  Also, whenever you do sign off on a contract, try to negotiate the terms so that all parties assume their own liabilities, this way you don’t have to cover any financial damage on risks that weren’t your fault to begin with.

Hire Trained Personnel

This should be a straightforward concept in any industry; hire personnel who have background or training and certifications as HVAC professionals that you can rely on. Each person on your team will be held accountable for their work, and will be representing your company, so you want to staff your company with skilled and qualified employees. Also, consider who you subcontract work out to as well, and consider putting some subcontractors on your insurance policy if you use them frequently, because you will be assuming responsibility for their work.

Stay Covered

It’s important to stay protected in the event that something does go wrong. There are many type of insurance coverages to consider as an owner of an HVAC company, and it’s important you understand terms, conditions, and rates that are specific to your industry. If you’re curious about your options, or if you need a trusted insurance advisor to help you with your company’s HVAC insurance policy, then please reach out to us here at Paradiso Insurance. If you’d like to review some standard safety precautions you can take in your company as well, you can review The NEWS’ article on General Service Safety Precautions.

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