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Do you know, around 500,000 truck accidents occur in the United States every year? And, about 5000 people die each year in these truck crashes. All these accidents are the result of small mistakes that we neglect.

Everyone knows that common road hazards such as tire blowout, brake failure, reckless drivers, overloaded trailers, etc., may result in accidents.

However, some other road hazards are less common but can cause most road accidents. And, these hazards are specifically true for truck drivers as truck driving is not an easy job.

Below is a list of 4 uncommon road hazards that can cause a truck crash. Every truck driver should know about these hazards.

1. Wild Life & Animals

After dusk and just before dawn, collision with wild animals or livestock can happen in rural areas- specifically, when the visibility is low.

So, drivers should pay attention to the signs like “animal crossing” and “slow down, wildlife crossing.” If the driver sees one of these signs, they need to be extra careful and drive slowly while looking around.

One of the big mistakes that truck drivers may make is, they honk at animals and keep driving at the same speed. Remember, honking a horn can sometimes prevent animals from running into traffic, but animals are unpredictable.

2. Motorcycles

While driving a truck, motorcycles are not easy to spot in the mirrors as they are smaller than a car. A motorcyclist can be difficult to see and can disappear in a blind spot.

To avoid the collision, truck drivers should pay extra attention to motorcyclists and maintain a safe distance from them.

3. Driver’s Fatigue

Driver fatigue is a major cause of truck accidents nowadays. According to a study by the Large Truck Crash Causation Study By FMCSA, 7 percent of truck crashes happen due to overtiredness of the truck drivers.

Signs of fatigue include; yawning, headache, sore eyes, restlessness, and difficulty in maintaining concentration.

For this purpose, all the states have laws on how many hours can a truck driver drive in a day. The number of hours may vary from state to state. However, eleven hours a day is the most common number.

To avoid tiredness, truck drivers should abide by the state laws on driving. Moreover, they should take a break every six to eight hours and get a good sleep.

4. Unfamiliar To Route

The study by FMCSA also shows that in 19 percent of the truck crashes, the driver was not familiar with the route. It is less common but a major cause of truck accidents. 

To avoid this problem, truck drivers should have proper navigation of the routes. With the advancement in technology, now any route can be navigated easily using Google Maps or other online navigating sources.

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As a truck driver, you have to bear all the loss and bills if your truck crashes and harms a third party, such as motorcyclists or animals. So, make sure to drive safely to avoid any road hazards.

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