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How to Become a FedEx Contractor?

FedEx is one of the leading delivery companies in the world, and with good reason. They have a long history of reliability and excellence when it comes to delivering goods. If you’re interested in becoming a FedEx contractor, there are a few things that you need to know. This article will outline everything from the application process to the training you’ll need to be a successful FedEx contractor.

Types of Ground Contractors:

Before you learn about the ways to become a FedEx contractor, understand that there are two kinds of ground contractors:

  • P&D: The pickup and delivery contractors use box trucks, step vans, and other vehicle types to pick up and deliver FedEx Ground packages to both residential and businesses. However, there cannot be a single truck owner/operator due to the minimum service area and scale.
  • Linehaul: These are semi-truck operation contractors that pull trailers owned by FedEx Ground using tractors via the network of hubs and stations of FedEx Ground.

How to Become a FedEx Ground Contractor?

Becoming a FedEx ground contractor is not as difficult as many make it out to be. There are two ways you can become their contractor; let’s discuss them below:

Get Free Routes From FedEx:

Many brokers or sellers tell people that the only way to get into FedEx routes business – this is totally false. While you can get into this business by purchasing a route (we’ll talk about it further below), you can also get free route(s) directly from FedEx.

FedEx Ground frequently publishes contracting opportunities on its website. Search BuildAGroundBiz on Google to discover this website because FedEx prohibits us from linking to it. 

Both the current contractors and new people can apply for these opportunities, so there’s no issue if you’re just starting out. Be sure to steer clear of those sellers or brokers who ask for thousands of dollars claiming to get you a route from FedEx; the company offers them free.

The only costs you may have to pay would include incorporation fees, professional services for the RFI process, and insurance costs.

Purchase Routes:

This is where you can pay to get a route in a legit way. If you find it hard to acquire a free route from FedEx or if they’re not posting the routes frequently. Or if the routes posted are not the ones you want to work in, then you can go this route.

You can purchase the FedEx ground routes from existing contractors but remember, FedEx Ground must have to approve the transfer of route in order for it to be legit and legal.

Remember, there is a difference between paying someone to get you a route from FedEx and paying someone to purchase their own route. The former one is a scam, as you can get the route from FedEx yourself. The latter is where you buy a route from a contractor, not getting it for free from FedEx.