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What Injuries are the Most Common for FedEx ISPs?

Transporters working for businesses that heavily rely on the transportation of goods like FedEx, USPS, and Amazon usually suffer many forms of injuries that can even be career-ending. Read on to know about them, how to avoid them, and stay protected. 

5 Leading Injuries Among FedEx ISPs

Not just FedEx, but truck drivers from different shipping companies face these injuries at least once in their lifetime, let’s see them below:

  1. Vehicle-Related Injuries: These include instances where the truck driver forgets to pull the emergency brake before leaving the truck. As a result, the truck either hits another car or a person walking by, leading to injuring a third party.
  2. Falls: This happens more frequently than you can imagine. Since transportation trucks are elevated vehicles, it’s common for the drivers to fall off and injure themselves. They can also slip while loading or unloading the cargo leading to some painful injuries. Furthermore, doing things like putting tire chains or lifting the latch on the truck’s back can also physically hurt them.
  3. Being Struck by Objects: When opening containers, lifting hitched trailers or attaching trucks to trailers, truckers or their helpers can get struck against or by objects. Things like winch bars, cartons, boxes, binders, pallets or lift gates can hit them, causing some painful injuries. 
  4. Lifting Injuries: These are more of the internal, muscular or spinal injuries that result in lifting heavy loads. Drivers load and unload items in and out of the truck on a daily basis, which can lead to musculoskeletal injuries because of overexertion when lifting something. 
  5. Driving Injuries: Sometimes, drivers are not experienced truckers, are exhausted or under the influence of alcohol, due to which, they end up running the truck into another car, a pole, or even a sidewalk. This leads to serious bodily injuries. 

How to Ensure Your Safety?

Accidents can happen to anyone if their job involves lifting loads and pushing the pedal for 10-14 hours a day. So if you’re a truck driver and want to ensure you’re protected from the aforementioned injuries or even after an injury, read the tips below:

  • Whenever you lift something, do it by following the proper protocol provided in your training. Or, you can watch videos on YouTube for lifting specific kinds of objects to ensure your safety.
  • Do not be rigid when handling the load; it can put pressure on your bones and muscles, leading to several injuries. Always keep the weight between shoulders and knees and try to bend your knees while doing so to distribute the load throughout your body.
  • Try to use machines or forklifts for heavy lifting, don’t take the risk of picking up heavy loads just because you can. 

Protect Yourself With a Truck Driver Insurance

Lastly, we’d suggest you get a truck driver insurance policy to protect yourself in case of an injury or damage to your truck. You’ll be compensated well whether it’s for hospital bills or vehicle repairs. We’d love to answer any questions you may have, contact us today at (860) 453-0116 or by our website at