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According to Statista, approximately 16 million temporary and contracted employees are working in the United States, representing 3.8% of the total US employment.

Yet another report by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics reports 5333 work fatalities in the United States in 2019. About 20% of them involved contracted employees.

It signifies the importance of protecting your temporary workers. And the workers’ safety becomes even more important if the employer is a truck driver or drivers’ staffing agency.

Since truck driving is a difficult job, we want our insured employers to protect their temporary employees in the best possible way.

Below are some steps our truck drivers can take to protect their employees. Most of these safety measures are recommended by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (NIOSH).

Create a Clear Contract

While signing a contract, you should clearly define and describe the task that the temporary worker is expected to perform.

Additionally, the contract should clearly define the health and safety responsibilities.

Organize Proper Orientation

In order to identify the potential worksite hazards, you must familiarize your temporary with the vehicle and worksite.

For this purpose, you can conduct an orientation for the temporary worker. A walk-through can help them identify the hazards that could lead to injury.

The orientation can also ask workers to practice things like checking the vehicle before driving, wearing a seatbelt, practicing defensive driving, safe loading and unloading, adhering to speed limits, and more.

Conduct Safety and Health Training

The proper training of temporary workers is the joint responsibility of the host employer and the staffing agency.

Host employers should provide in-depth training and information related to the potential health hazards at the workplace. Make them aware of highway safety, driver’s fatigue, on-site fatalities, substantial chemical hazards, and more.

 Likewise, the staffing agency should provide general safety training to the workers.

Communicate with Temporary Workers

You should frequently communicate with the temporary workers to ensure their stay at the workplace.

If a staffing agency is involved, it should maintain contact with the temporary workers to ensure their right to report any safety concerns.

It is the duty of the staffing agency to follow-up with the host employer to address any concern brought to their attention by temporary workers. 

Ensure COVID-19 Safety Measures

As a truck driver, your temporary workers can be exposed to COVID-19 at their job. So, make sure they follow the safety precautions to avoid the risk of catching the virus.

Instruct your workers to:

  • Notify you if they test positive for COVID-19
  • Maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from store workers, dock workers, and other people
  • Contact facilities beforehand to schedule an appointment for unloading
  • Avoid hand-shaking and thoroughly wash/sanitize their hands
  • Wear masks in public and at work
  • Keep the truck well-ventilated

Illness and Inquiry Prevention Program

Inquiry and illness prevention programs help reduce the severity and rate of work injuries and illness.

The effectiveness of this program depends on the consistency, quality, adequacy, and timelessness of the program. 


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