You are currently viewing Truck Rental Returning Etiquettes- A Complete Checklist.

When you are returning a rental truck, you need to bring several things under consideration. You want to make sure that you return the truck in the same condition as it was provided to you.

Usually, the rental company thoroughly inspects the truck at the time of return. And, if they find any damages, you can be fined for it.

So, you must be very cautious about truck safety and cleanliness. It will not only save you from the penalty but also help you to build a strong trust relationship with the supplier.

Below is a complete truck rental etiquettes checklist you should take care of before returning a rental truck.

  • Thoroughly Clean and Wash the Vehicle  

Make sure to return the truck in its original condition. If you picked it up fresh and clean, make sure the truck is thoroughly cleaned before returning it. There should be no scars or spots on the surface of the vehicle.

  • Check the Fuel

When returning the truck, check out the fuel tank. Check out with the rental company about the fuel requirements. Otherwise, you should refill it to the same level as it was when you received the truck.

  • Check the Body

Must check the truck for any dent around its surface. Also, check the bottom of the vehicle to ensure that no part is damaged.

  • Check the Tire

Precisely check the tires and make sure there is no puncture or damage to them.

  • Check the Windshield

Make sure to thoroughly examine the windshield. It should be neat and clean. Moreover, check it for any damages and fix them before returning.  

  • Return on Time

Return the truck on or before the contracted date. Strictly take care of the set return date, otherwise, you may have to pay extra charges for late return.

  • Remove Your Personal Belongings

Thoroughly check the interior of the vehicle and remove all your stuff before returning.  

Remove the trash from under the seats or from the dashboard. Plug out your charger or aux cable if connected. 

Also, make sure to remove the dust from seats and dashboard, etc.

  • Return all the Documents

Make sure you return all the papers or documents given to you at the time of receiving the vehicle. The documents may include a service book, highway safety book, etc.

  • Return Accessories and Equipment

Don’t forget to return all the accessories like charging cable, aux cable, etc, if given to you at the time of receiving the truck.

  • Return Original Keys

Remove your personal or duplicate keys from the keychain and return the original keys.


So, this is a complete etiquette checklist you need to take care of when returning a truck rental. Follow this to ensure a trouble-free vehicle return.     

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