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  • Post last modified:December 28, 2021
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Winter is approaching quickly, and as professionals in the parcel delivery and trucking industry, there are many new hazards you will have to be cautious of. There will be extreme temperatures, slippery roads, and walkways, as well as some hazardous weather conditions or storms. As truck drivers and hand-delivered parcel professionals, it’s your job to maintain safety in and outside of your workplaces. Here are a few tips on how you can do just that.

Parcel Delivery Safety

Let’s take a look at some safety tips that parcel deliverers will want to keep in mind while delivering packages at their stops. First and foremost, whenever you have to take a package on foot, we suggest you investigate your walkway before trying to deliver the package. Your path could be very slippery if covered in ice or snow so it’s important to remember to investigate instead of taking an unnecessary risk.  

It’s also important to dress appropriately and to stay as dry as possible in order to retain your body heat effectively and avoid hypothermia.  We recommend that you dress in visible clothing so you’re not a safety hazard in areas of reduced visibility, always carry an emergency first aid kit as a precaution, and always keep some form of communication (ie: a cell phone) close by in case of an emergency.  

Truck Driving Safety

There are many changes in road conditions during this time of year that your drivers will have to be careful of. When the winter is approaching, we suggest that if your vehicles need any regular servicing, you get it done before the cold months hit.  Maintenance such as having your vehicle battery and charging systems checked by a professional mechanic is vitally important because if they were to die at the wrong time, you could be stranded in the cold.  

Other things you may want to consider having checked are your antifreeze levels, brakes, exhaust systems, fuel and air filters, heat and defrosting systems, oil levels, flasher and hazard lights, and your windshield wiping equipment. With that being said, we want to make sure that your drivers are paying extra attention behind the wheel, keeping an eye open for ice patches, especially black ice since it can be so incredibly dangerous.  For a quick printout to hang in your facility on safe winter driving practices, feel free to take a look at OSHA’s Winter Driving Safety handout.

Staying Prepared

Even if you take all of the necessary cautions to prepare for the fierce winter conditions, you can never be too careful. We suggest that every business has a professional business insurance policy in place and at Paradiso Insurance, we can help you do just that.  We work specifically in the trucking/parcel delivery space and understand your needs well. If you have any questions about your existing policy or are looking to get a business policy in place specifically tailored to your business’ needs, give our parcel delivery team a call today at 860-453-0116 or send us a message here and we’d be happy to help!