Protect Your Landscaping Business With Paradiso Insurance

Owning a business is a delicate choice and an endless job; you need to make sure you and your team are dedicated to the company and the clients, performing well, and the work environment is right. 


With this being said, you have to make sure the company’s team members, inventory, and customers are being taken care of properly.


Paradiso Insurance believes that landscaping businesses are as important as any other; that’s why getting landscaping insurance is essential. We are a trusted insurance agency in CT; allow us to have your back.




Why Is Insurance Important for Landscaping companies?

Landscaping companies are at risk of many things. Dealing with chemicals and equipment such as loaders, trimmers, and lawnmowers, increase the chance of injuries or, even worse: lawsuits against you due to exposure to hazardous materials.


Having landscaping insurance will help you if your company gets sued; it’s like having the best guard in the world.


What Does Landscaping Insurance Cover?

The risks of having a company such as landscaping are real, and you should be protected. Landscaping insurance covers:

  • Commercial Property Insurance: There are many dangers that your company may face. For instance, you can protect your leased or owned facility or buildings, any newly acquired or constructed building, employees’ personal property, off-premises property, business interruption, and more.


  • Professional Liability: This includes injuries or damage to third parties while they are on your property. 


  • Commercial Inland Marine: This will cover your company’s non-motorized mobile, equipment, and tools.


  • Surety Bonds: If your company needs to be bonded, you can apply for this kind of insurance.


  • Errors and Omissions: It is a type of liability that protects businesses on scenarios such as negligent acts, or any type of sue that they get regarding errors or omissions committed during business activities that provoke financial loss. 


  • Workers’ Compensation: It is the type of insurance provided by a business owner or employer to an employee that gets injured or sick from a work-related cause.  .


Why Choose Paradiso Insurance?

At Paradiso Insurance, we are committed to preparing you for the unexpected. With our landscaping insurance, you will have a backup plan that will give you peace of mind. 


Looking for the most reliable insurance agency in CT? Paradiso Insurance is here to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Safety is not a game. We’re always available if you want to contact us for more details.


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