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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Few things in life are more exciting than owning your own business. The sense of accomplishment and freedom that come along with running your own venture is unrivaled.  The only problem is running your own business can have a lot of invisible issues and traps that you might not know exist until you find yourself in one. A prime example of this as having to deal with a workers’ compensation claim, when you could have taken measures to protect yourself if you knew about the risks involved. Here are a few common pitfalls that are often overlooked and may leave your business with problems should any claims be made.

Technology Related Claims

Technology rules the world, so to speak whenever it comes to business in the modern workplace. While it is a powerful tool that helps get the job done in ways that would otherwise be impossible, it also poses risks that could lead to trouble. Examples of issues that can arise from the use of technology in the workplace are carpal tunnel, neck strains, and also eye problems. To address this workers’ compensation claim vulnerability, it is critical to stress the importance of taking breaks and stretching as part of your employee’s daily routine.

Pet-Friendly Policies

It is becoming more acceptable in the modern workplace to find pets that roam freely throughout the office. There are numerous benefits to this, such as raising employee morale and reducing stress throughout the workday. Unfortunately, having an animal in the workplace does come with its own set of unique risks that cannot be overlooked.  Risks of having an animal in the workplace involve allergic reactions and the potential for the animal to behave irrationally in strange situations. Because of these risks, it is typically best practice to not bring animals into the workplace. If this is not an option and you need to have your beloved pet in the workplace, it is a good idea to check with everyone on your staff and make sure they are okay with the animal, and they have no allergies.

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Working From Home

One of the best aspects of the modern workplace is it is a highly portable environment. Thanks to advanced technologies, there is a wide array of job duties that can be performed from home without the need to make a trip into the office. While this option does seem great and can boost your employees’ productivity, employers should be aware that while the employee is on the clock, all risks of injury within the household become the employer’s responsibility. The reduced control over the environment could mean that a business is better off bringing their workers on-site to perform their duties.

The Takeaway

These three pitfalls are just a small sampling of the types of issues that can occur when running your own business. Because it is impossible to predict the outcomes of every scenario, one of the most important ways you can protect yourself is to talk to your insurance agent about adding a workers’ compensation policy to your existing coverages. While it is impossible to expect the unexpected, you can prepare for it by electing to enroll in unemployment coverage for your business.