• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Motorcycles are a special form of vehicle on the road, whose numbers vary greatly depending on weather and time of year.  Clearly, there aren’t going to be many riders out there on a January morning in New England when the temperature plummets below zero, but conversely, when it’s eighty degrees outside without a cloud in the sky in June, the bikes will be out in full force.  Regardless of how many bikes are on the roads though, they all need motorcycle insurance just like any other vehicle!

Just like automobile and truck drivers, motorcycle riders are required to carry liability insurance at some minimal limit to cover damages or injury in the case of an accident.  Their motorcycle insurance policy takes care of these worries.

Collision coverage – This covers damage to your own vehicle that happens when your vehicle runs into another object, such as other vehicles, trees, light poles, mountains, etc.

Other Than Collision coverage – This also covers damage to your own vehicle that is due to sources such as fire, theft, hitting an animal, vandalism, earthquake, flood or hail.

Unlike liability coverage, both Collision and Other Than Collision coverages are subject to deductibles, the amount of a claim that the policy owner must pay. Deductibles are meant to eliminate an insurer having to pay for very minor losses.

Special Parts and Accessories – This coverage may be part of a cycle insurer’s basic coverage or, quite often, an optional coverage. Typically it pays for loss involving damage to custom equipment that is added to a cycle rather than what is provided by the cycle manufacturer.

Medical Payments – This coverage typically handles medical expenses for injuries to you while operating your cycle.

Roadside Assistance – This coverage is to help pay for your costs to deal with a disabled cycle, helping to pay for it to be transported to a location for repairs of to assist with the cost for any repair or service that occurs at the location of the cycle’s breakdown. However, this coverage is for labor rather than the costs of parts.

In the event of an accident, hopefully not only you are taken care of, but also if anyone else injured or their bike totaled.  Your motorcycle insurance will have you covered regardless, and that’s why without a policy, you’re wallet will look at bad as the wrecked bike.