• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Purchasing your first bike can be a great experience for a novice rider.  Whether you’re a chopper lover or import racer, motorcycles have passionate rider loyalty.  Hopefully though, you’re just as passionate about your insurance coverage on your bike as you are the bike itself! But you can’t simply hop on a motorcycle like you would a scooter or normal bicycle.  You need the proper license of course in order to legally ride your bike on Connecticut’s roads.  Furthermore, you’ll certainly need this for CT insurance coverage for your bike!

According to the Connecticut DMV, there’s a strict process for receiving your motorcycle license.  Below are the requirements:

  • A valid Connecticut motorcycle permit
  • A valid Connecticut driver’s license
  • Proof of completing a DMV-approved motorcycle safety-training course.

There’s some factors however that you should be aware of:

If you’re under 18 and issued a motorcycle license, you’re not allowed to transport passengers for the first six months of driving. New motorcycle drivers 18 or over are not allowed to carry passengers for the first three months. Just like new drivers with their cars, motorcycles are no different.

Once you’ve passed all of the tests and received motorcycle clearance, your drivers license and motorcycle license is the same thing. 

Now that you have everything completed, you’ll receive that “M” on your license allowing you to ride your motorcycle to as much as you would like!  And what does every motorcycle need in the state of Connecticut? CT motorcycle insurance of course! Ride on down to Paradiso Insurance for your new policy today!