MotorcyclesRiding a motorcycle during the spring time in Connecticut can be a wonderful experience for riders of all experience levels.  There are many different adventures that range from windy roads through the mountains to straight paths along the countryside.  Being that May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month now is a great time to review some motorcycle safety.

One of the most drastic sounding statistics that seem to put things into perspective is that 11% of all motor vehicle accidents in the United States involve motorcycles.  That means that eleven in every one hundred accidents will somehow involve a motorcycle.  Considering that there were over 2 million motor vehicle injuries reported in 2012 (according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), that equates to about 220,000 accidents involving motorcycles.

Before you head out on your first ride of the spring season, make sure you know all the rules of the road.  Even though helmets are not required by law in Pennsylvania, we highly suggest considering one anyway.  Remember to check your motorcycle for any issues before taking it out on the roads as well.  Check the signals, brakes, anything that could foul your ride or cause an accident.

It is also important to remember motorcycle safety when you are in your car or truck, too.  Remember to look carefully right, left and right again before leaving an intersection.  Even when your own bike is at home, think of all the other bikers that are on the road at all times.  If you would like a refresher on motorcycle safety or would like to discuss motorcycle insurance, we would love to talk with you.  Call us with all your questions and concerns.  Stay safe on your motorcycle and/or in your car and truck!  Sharing the road is the key to safety for everyone.