Here at Paradiso Insurance, we want to make sure you’re protected, no matter what the circumstances. We do encourage any roofers that we work with to have a liability insurance policy to keep them covered in case something were to happen, but we also want to help you stay educated, and prepared in advance, so you can avoid problems before they come.

Common Roofing Liabilitiesroofing3

One of the best ways to stay prepared is to learn from the mistakes of others, so they don’t become your own. Let’s talk about some of the most common problems that roofers are held accountable for, so that you can be ready in advance before one hits you.
First of all, make sure that none of the felt paper is visible between shingles after your installation is complete. Also, if you’re installing around a pipe, use a rubber boot for the pipe that properly matches the pipe’s size, so you can avoid any potential leaks. Wind can be a factor in roof damage too; if you drive your nails too deep on your shingles, they will be vulnerable to potential wind damage, so you need to be careful there as well. Also, be sure that your nail gun isn’t faulty in any way, and that you properly regulate its air pressure, or you could end up with nails poking through the bottom of shingles and causing small leaks.

Stay Covered

There are a few more precautions you can take as a roofing or construction company owner to keep you safe from liabilities. You can take hiring precautions when selecting who you’d like to be on your team, and be sure that anyone you hire is knowledgeable, pays attention to fine details, and is licensed and insured for the job. It’s also important that you carry your own insurance certificate, in case a client asks to see it, and make sure you’re properly covered with a liability insurance policy that will keep you protected.