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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Twenty-sixteen is here, and so are some of the most breathtaking wedding dresses we have ever seen! We can’t keep these masterpieces to ourselves anymore, so we decided to dedicate this blog to our top 3 favorite collections of 2016! If you have an eye for fashion, we hope you find our picks impressive! Here they are:

Julie Vino 2016

When high fashion meets wedding dresses the result is the latest from Julie Vino. That’s just the beginning! This stunning collection starts with elegant white gowns and finishes with darker wedding dresses. These dress designs are one of a kind. Get inspired by this collections flattering necklines and creative details!


julie vino 2016

Riki Dalal 2016

Next we bring you a lineup of wedding dresses from Riki Dalal. These designs pave the way for “the new era of bridal couture.” The details of these gowns are sure to “wow” you. Every last detail is shaped to beautifully compliment the body. These designs will make any bride feel one with her dress. Check out our favorite figure flattering dresses below!

Riki Dalal 2016

Anna Campbell’s Gossamer Collection 2016

We can see exactly why people are adoring Anna Campbell’s Gossamer Collection 2016. These timeless wedding dresses are inspired by French romance featuring luxurious fabrics and intricate hand craftsmanship. Anna’s 2016 collection features iconic designs such as the “Ashlyn” which is is particularly special because Anna’s sister chose it for her own wedding.

Anna Campbell’s Gossamer Collection
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