• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:Wedding Insurance

Well, when it hasn’t been raining this June, the sunny days have been absolutely spectacular, and picture perfect for a wedding! Love is in air in the summer time, that’s for sure, so if you’re getting married this month, or are in the process of planning one, it’s extremely important to be prepared for anything that may arise that is unexpected and may cause headaches (and cost some serious money) on that special day that life has to offer. This is exactly why our Connecticut insurance agency has a wedding policy- CT insurance style!

This great policy for the special couple is perfectly constructed to ensure that if something occurs that could cost serious financial strain (such as a cancellation of a reception venue and having to scramble to get a new one at the absolute last minute), that cost won’t be burdened on you.  The coverage will take care of that cost.

Lucky for you, we have one agent dedicated to this type of package, so you know you are dealing with a knowledgeable professional each and every time. Forget about the hassle of talking to five different people at different times!

For more information on wedding insurance, contact our Connecticut insurance agency! We would be delighted to discuss our coverage options with you and your loved one. We want to help you protect your new life together!