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When you open your business doors to the world and hire others to work for you, you automatically become liable to a situation in which accidents can occur. You never know when and how a worker can get injured on the job due to an accident on the site. While our Connecticut Workers Compensation covers any and all financial matters related to these incidents within the stated stipulations, our experts have observed that business owners still have no idea how to approach certain situations. Of these, the “slip and fall” accidents are the most common and require your utmost attention as an owner of your business. 

What is a “slip and fall” accident? 

“Slip-and-fall is a term used in personal injury law that refers to a person slipping or tripping, and as a result, falling and injuring themselves.” It should be noted that claims of a “slip and fall” can only be filed when it happens on someone else’s property. That is, an employee, if faced with a slip and fall accident on the job, can file a claim against the business owner. 

How do a slip and fall occur? 

Torn carpeting, flooring changes, poor lighting, narrow stairs, wet floors, and other such conditions can cause a worker to slip and fall, thereby facing an injury. 

Now, filing a claim under the slip and fall category isn’t all that easy as it demands rigorous proof that the fault was indeed the business owner’s and didn’t occur due to the employee’s own negligence. In any case, the business owner should undertake the following steps: 

Get medical help

Your employee’s health and well-being should come before anything else. When a slip and fall incident occurs, you need to act fast. Call 911 for medical help as soon as possible. While waiting for help to get there, don’t just stand there! Give your employee basic first aid. For instance, if you see any bleeding, try to control it and check for a pulse right away. If they are conscious, tell them not to move and stay by their side. It’s important to keep them as still as possible to avoid injuring anything further.

Survey the site of the fall 

Inspect the accident site and look for any obstruction or reason that may have caused the accident. The next thing to do is create a report of the accident, which will serve as objective documentation of the incident. This report will contain the victim’s information, a description of the fall site, detail of the medical help given, the witnesses’ account, and photographs of the site. 

You see, this step is necessary because you don’t want to be sued for something that wasn’t in your control. 

Call legal assistance right away. 

Be mindful of what you say. It is easy to claim responsibility in the heat of the moment for something that wasn’t even your fault. Your insurance will cover the accident only as long as you are responsible. Stay calm and after getting your employee the help they need, step back to assess the situation. Calling your lawyer will help you understand how you should proceed further with the situation. 

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At Paradiso Insurance, we care about your business. a fall and slip incident, if not handled properly, can cause you to suffer financial loss on top of mental and emotional exhaustion. Take care of your business by taking the necessary steps.