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Are your little ones ready for summer fun in the backyard? Playing tag, enjoying the swing set, racing friends… the outdoor activities are endless for children! As a homeowner, it is your full responsibility to make sure your yard is safe and prepared before your children and their friends head to the grass. Now would also be a good time to check in on your Connecticut homeowner insurance policy. You may need all the liability coverage you can get!

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To prepare your yard for summer fun and games, you should:

•    Make sure all garden and lawn tools are stored safely away in a shed and NOT hidden in the grass.

•    Cover the area around the swing set with shock-absorbing material (sand, mulch, rubber, etc.)

•    Rid of tripping hazards (stumps, rocks, stray toys, etc.)

•    Make sure the swing set is not too hot for children to play on. Feel the metal beforehand to prevent the risk of burns.

•    Keep the gate to the pool closed off to avoid drowning or slipping into the pool.

•    Cover the pool when it is not in use.

•    Put up a fence or gate around your back yard to keep children from leaving the area or stray dogs or animals from coming into the play area.

Following the tips listed above just may save you from filing a Connecticut homeowners insurance claim this summer… and save a little one a lot of pain and agony!