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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Accidents happen. As an insurance agency, that is a fact of life that we have come to understand very well. That’s why we warn you of the dangers of the “it won’t happen to me” mentality and urge you to always stay prepared. If you can’t avoid them, our goal is to make sure you get through claims or unfavorable situations in the most effective and efficient way possible. That’s why we’re offering you a free download of our mobile app! It can help you in so many ways and in so many situations, but only if you have it. Here are some stories from our customers who said they wished they had our app before it was too late.

Where’s the fire?

Recently, we talked to one of our clients about a claim he made involving a property fire. This customer was living in a rural community, tending to his home, his land, and the animals that lived on his property. Unfortunately, one night his barn went up in flames. Luckily, none of the animals were hurt, but expensive, valuable equipment and tools turned to rubble and ash. None of his things were recognizable. Like so many people, this customer never expected anything like this to happen to him, so he was unprepared. Since he didn’t have a home inventory, none of the unrecognizable items could be replaced by his insurance company. That’s why this client wishes he had downloaded our app sooner. It allows you to save an organized list of all your valuables, complete with photos and prices right on your phone. That way, everything is easily accessible in the same place, won’t be lost, and can go anywhere your phone does. If something happens to your mobile phone, our app is Cloud based, so all of your information will remain safe.. If anything were to ever happen to your valuables, you can be reimbursed by your insurance company as long as you have that home inventory!

If only they had downloaded the app…

The next customers we’d like to tell you about are a happy couple leading a quiet family life in a small town. They decided it was time to do some home renovation and upgrade their space. After a long time spent shopping for the perfect new appliances and furniture, the couple needed a rental truck to pick up their purchases. However, when the went to do so, they realized they had forgotten their auto insurance ID cards. Without them, the couple could not rent the vehicle. Instead they had to drive home, which was several towns over, pick up their ID cards, and finally go all the way back. Although this wasn’t a dire situation, it still wasted time, energy, and gas. If this couple had our mobile app, all of their insurance ID cards would have been stored on their phones and readily available. If you forgot your ID cards or simply didn’t know that you needed them for something, our mobile app can definitely save you stress. For example, you wouldn’t want to get pulled over by a policeman and come up empty handed! With our app, if you don’t leave home without your cell phone, you also won’t leave without your ID cards!

These aren’t the only things that our mobile app can do though! You can contact our agency, keep track of your claims and billing, make a claim, pay bills electronically, and create an accident report all from your cellphone.. Unfortunately, accidents can happen to you. Don’t be the next customer who wishes you had downloaded the app sooner. Learn from these customer’s mistakes and let us make your life easier by downloading our mobile app today!