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Did you know that August 26th is National Dog Day? To celebrate, we’ve compiled a fun list of things you can do with your canine companion during National Dog Day.

Support your local dog shelter on National Dog Day.

Animal shelters are a great place to visit on National Dog Day. At Paradiso Insurance, we’re firm believers in the Adopt, Don’t Shop movement, because millions of dogs enter shelters each year. When you adopt, you save a life, and provide a permanent home for a dog who may not have one.

If you cannot adopt a dog, you can help out your local dog shelter in other ways. For example, shelters run off of donations and need necessities such as food, bedding, and medical supplies to run. Consider gifting money or needed items to help a shelter save more dogs in need.

If you cannot afford to give food or other items, consider volunteering your time to rescue or care for dogs in need.

Take a trip to the pet store.

Dogs love to play, and what better way to celebrate National Dog Day than with a trip to your local pet store to get your dog a new toy? Most pet stores let you bring your dog in too, so you can bring them along for the trip.

Visit their favorite spot.

National Dog Day is all about your dog, so make sure they enjoy it by taking them to their favorite spot outdoors. Whether it’s the beach, dog park, or hiking trail, your pooch will be super happy with all of the extra attention.

Bring them to the dog groomer.

There’s nothing better than a dog who just left the groomer! Not only do they smell nice, but your canine friend will also feel much better too. If your dog has long fur it can become matted, shed, and itchy. Plus, it retains heat which can be uncomfortable in the summertime. Be sure to bring them to the groomer for a nice bath and haircut.

Bake them some treats.

Dogs love treats and there’s nothing better than the homemade kind. If you want to really impress your pooch on National Dog Day, give this dog biscuit recipe a try.

How will you be spending National Dog Day this year? Our insurance agency plans to spend it with Max, our office pup. If you’d like to read more about what Max is up to, click the button below.

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