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  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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Barbers and beauticians are a vital part of modern community settings. In a fast-paced world, where self-expression is just as important as maintaining a professional, career—demanding look, barbers and beauticians serve the community by catering to their needs using their expertise and talent. Where these businesses can be both – large-scale and small – they still are businesses. This means that they are always susceptible to legal challenges. Barbershops and beauticians’ professional liability insurance proves to be extremely helpful in such situations as it can save your business and the people associated with it from enormous monetary and emotional turmoil and stresses. 

What is professional liability insurance

In the simplest of terms, this insurance, also termed as Error and Omissions coverage, protects you and your business from any claims or lawsuits made and registered against you in the wake of a mistake made in the professional setting. Professional liability works like any other insurance – providing you a sense of safety and comfort amid a legal battle. 

How does professional liability insurance help you? 

If a lawsuit or a claim is registered against your business, regardless if it is true or not, you will still have to face it in a legal setting. This means that you will need to spend time and your hard-earned money on this ordeal. 

This is where your professional liability insurance comes in; it saves you time and money by helping you pay for the legal defense expenses in your ongoing legal battle. Plus, this will have you covered whether you are at fault or not and will help you carry on your regular operation mode while you’re fighting your client’s claims. 

Professional liability insurance also has you covered if you are to pay the client’s awards or settlements.  

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Why is professional liability insurance a must for barbers and beauticians?

Because anyone can make a mistake, be it a new product or the employee’s own shortcomings, as professionals, we realize that making mistakes isn’t out of the ordinary. At times, these mistakes can be fatal enough to land an entire business in a legal battle. Making professional mistakes isn’t grim. However, not realizing that this can be a possibility and going without insurance can cause you to lose your money and waste time. 

False claims are a reality too. Perhaps you provided your client with the exact service they asked for, but it didn’t do them any good; in such a case, your client can legally register a claim against you. 

Instead of spending time and money on these battles and claims, professional liability insurance will enable you to keep your business running soundly in these unfortunate circumstances. 

How to choose a commercial insurance program? 

Various firms and independent insurance agencies offer strategically apt programs to fit all your insurance needs. One of these highly sought after programs are those offered by Paradiso Financial & Insurance Services. This plan is catered to beauticians and barbers and is designed to fit their needs specifically. After going through the needs of their clients, the agents help them decipher a program that will cater to all their needs and demands. 

Professional liability insurance is necessary for barbers and beauticians to maintain a peaceful working environment and obtain a financially secure future.