The Ultimate Guide to Classic Car Storage

26 Oct The Ultimate Guide to Classic Car Storage

The weather is cooling down and, soon enough, beautiful classic car weather will be taking a backseat to the cold winter months. If you are a classic car owner, you know you have a lot of work ahead of you in order to keep your beauty safe all winter long. We know how much your classic means to you, and that all this work sometimes doesn’t feel like work knowing you’re protecting your classic. If you’ve owned your classic car for a while now, you are likely very familiar with most of the “to-do’s.” If you’re new to owning a classic car, you have come to the right place. We have put together a must do checklist to ensure your classic car comes out of hiding looking and running as good as it did before you put her away for the winter!

Fill Your Tank

When it comes to protecting classic cars, all owners have one common enemy, moisture. One way to ward off damaging moisture is to keep your gas tank full. The less fuel you have in your tank, the more opportunity there is for moisture to form. When moisture does form it oxidizes with the steel, causing corrosion that can become severe over time. It is important that you fill your tank up with fresh, high octane, fuel. Stale, old fuel won’t burn properly and can prevent your car from starting. When your car in sitting for months on end, this issue is substantial. Avoid problems by filling your tank to the brim with fresh, high octane fuel, and then add fuel stabilizer. This will help ensure that when it comes time to start your car again, there will be no issues.

Change Your Fluids

Before you put your beauty away, make sure your fluids are new. By doing this, you will avoid premature wear on motor parts, and by spring your car will be in driving condition right away. Another good idea would be to bleed the brakes, to eliminate moisture from the lines.

A Good Clean & Lube

Before you temporarily say goodbye for the cold months, give your “baby” one last wash! Get into every nook and cranny and clean it from top to bottom! Make like you’re about to head off to the biggest car show of the year. You heard right, wash and wax! Don’t forget to clean the interior as well! When that’s done, be sure to ward off any excess moisture with bags of silica gel. After your classic is sparkling from top to bottom, be sure to lube hinges, latches, and locks. This is especially important if you don’t have access to a heated garage.

Wait! There’s More!

Take time to clean the area where you plan to store your car. This will prevent your classic car from becoming a winter home for a pesky rodent. It is best if your storage area is mostly undisturbed. When doors get opened, or other cars are going in and out of the same area, there is more opportunity for moisture to get in. Furthermore, if you are not able to fully encase your car in a cocoon, you should at least park it on a sheet of plastic to ward off moisture. After the car is parked, jacking the car up will reduce stress on the suspension components. Don’t forget to remove the battery because as we know, they hate the cold!

Here at Paradiso Insurance, we are classic car fanatics like yourself! We know how much your classic means to you, and as the winter approaches we know how important proper storage is for your one and only! We also know the uniqueness and importance of properly protecting your classic car. Give us a call to discuss your needs, we have many options waiting for you!

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