Boating Safety Tips
  • Post last modified:October 5, 2020
  • Post category:boat insurance

Are you a proud boater ready to sail the seven seas? If so, there are a few boating safety tips you should follow so your day out on the lake doesn’t turn into a day of disaster.

Boating Safety Tip #1 – Check the Weather

This a super important task to do before you set sail. Weather can change in an instant, and can cause watercrafts of any size to suddenly capsize. Therefore, make sure to check your local news station for predictions.

Additionally, keep out for signs such as, a drop in barometric pressure which can indicate rain, puffy or dark clouds, sudden changes in wind, and an increase in wave size. If you notice any of these signs while boating, it’s best to head back to shore.

Boating Safety Tip #2 – Have Proper Boating Insurance

While boating insurance isn’t legally required, we recommend it to all of our customers and clients who own boats or any other type of water vessel. This is because accidents can and do happen. Another boater could hit you causing serious damage, or you could even accidently damage public or private property while in your boat. If you don’t have boat insurance, then you’d be at a huge financial loss.

Boating Safety Tip #3 – Be Prepared

Before you set sail solo, with friends, or family you should always be prepared in case the worst case scenario happens.

First and foremost, make sure you have enough life jackets for everyone on your boat, be sure everyone is wearing one, and wearing them properly.

Secondly, an emergency kit with bandages, gauze, and disinfectant can come in handy if someone aboard the boat accidentally injures themselves. It also doesn’t hurt to take a few CPR classes before your big boating excursion either. This could save someone’s life.

Finally, make sure your boat is equipped with some type of signal device, that way if there is a serious emergency on board, other ships or marine personnel in the area are aware.

Boating is a great relaxing way to enjoy your summer days, but make sure you keep yourself and your family safe by abiding by these boating safety tips. Additionally, you should understand how to stay safe from other common summer dangers, simply click the button below to learn how to stay safe all summer long.