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  • Post last modified:February 9, 2021
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It is here, yes it is finally here! What is “it”, you might ask? Well, the summer time, of course. Yes, it is hot outside and you might not love the bliss of the heat but it is a much needed reprieve from the chilling bites of winter – a time to relax, sit back, and hopefully enjoy what was so cruelly taken away from us during the last year and through a portion of this one too – our livelihood. So this summer, lets promise ourselves to at least try and enjoy the ride, to perhaps, live in the throes and spirits of nature. And what is more in tune with nature than water? Nothing. During this May, we’re planning to part ways with our mundane lives and set ourselves free – even if it is for a while and go boating! We suggest that you do the same because it is one of the best ways to spend the summers.

Before you go boating during the summertime, there are a few things that you want to keep in mind beforehand – safety, safety, and safety. This also accounts for the safety of your boat. So, get it insured! Here is why you need to secure your boat and secure a given fun-time in the summers:

Boat Insurance – what does it cover?

Boat insurance is not as straight forward as one would assume. It changes depending on the type of water craft that you use, together with the duration of the usage, the mode, the people on the craft and the precautions taken. Mainly, watercraft liability, damage to the hull, and personal property is covered here. 

In short, any damage to your boat, motor, trailer, and personal effects in the boat are liable to coverage in your boat insurance policy. Your medical bills, injury to water sport players, and damages to the boat itself – are mainly included in the hull coverage. 

Plus, emergency assistance and towing services are also included here.

A more secondary coverage would also include fuel spill coverages and trailer/ boat lifting. For more information, visit one of our blogs here.

An all-round coverage

Summer time is the peak boating season so should you buy your plan around these months alone? No. You see, owning a boat is very expensive. A few things that cannot be compromised upon are fuel, the maintenance, the insurance, the storage, and much more. The normal practice is that most lenders require you to carry insurance year-round, as they’re also investors. Just as you want to make sure you’re protected while your boat is in use, lenders want to be protected when it’s not.

Plus, you never know when accidents can occur – thefts and vandalism are also quite common – that is why you need to have insurance all year-around.

Where to get your insurance from?

Your insurance plan depends entirely upon your needs and capacity. Except a few primary coverages, most boat insurance plans are generally specified. At Paradiso insurance, we provide you with not only the best coverage plans in the state but also understand the needs of the locals.

Visit us today or ask away here! Happy Boating!