• Post last modified:October 5, 2020
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We don’t exactly have a menu here at Paradiso Insurance, but today we wanted to give caterers a few tips on how they can efficiently protect their business. As a business owner, we understand that you have worked hard to establish yourself, and we are here to help you stay protected. We also understand that there is more to it than just having the right insurance policy in place, so here are our tips for catering business owners on how they can keep their business flowing smoothly and securely.

Proper Execution

The first step to keeping your catering service safe and secure is to have proper execution of the work. Having a specific process or set of guidelines, which should include a safety policy for all employees, will help you keep things organized. Speaking of a safety policy, it’s important not to let oil, fats, or grease be disposed of through your drainage units, as it can cause serious damage. Also, make sure your employees have a focus on their customer service, demonstrating professionalism while they are on the job in a way that is both warm and welcoming for your clients. Customer care goes a long way, especially in the event of an unfortunate mistake.


As you know, working in the food industry comes with a strict set of guidelines. It’s important that you get your prep area inspected, whether it be a kitchen you own, or a startup business in your own home; you should meet the industry’s standards before marketing or advertising the food you want to cater.  It’s also important that you acquire any required food business licenses. Some businesses that are take-out only will require one license, while other businesses with dining in as the only option will require a different license, so plan accordingly. You can always check with the local officials if you need some extra guidance here while establishing your business.

Building Your Team

This is something we talk about in any industry, because it really is an important focus. For people in the food industry, some things you want to focus on while building your team include finding people who are excellent with customer service as we mentioned before, but also work very well under stress or pressure. There is always a deadline or budget, because there is always a hungry mouth to feed, so finding people who can keep calm under pressure is crucial. Build a team of people who are demonstrate experience in high pressure situations that are great with people, or better yet, hire people who have a strong background in catering or the food industry in general.

Ongoing Protection

Even though you work hard at protecting your business, it’s always important to have a “plan B” in case anything were to go wrong. We suggest finding a specialized insurance policy that’s right for your catering business that will keep you covered long term. Catering business can have multiple food prep stations as well as multiple venues that they deliver to, so it’s important you have a policy that covers you across the board. If you have any questions about, or need professional advice for your food catering business’ insurance policy, please feel free to reach out to one of our professional commercial lines insurance agents here at Paradiso Insurance.