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  • Post last modified:June 21, 2021
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If you run a catering business, no doubt you are familiar with the ins and outs of serving your clients. At Paradiso Insurance, we are committed to protecting your business for generations to come, which is why we’ve put together this list of helpful tips to keep your catering company running smoothly during 2020.

Food Storage Practices

One of the most important things to keep in mind when running any business within the food industry is to always take proper precautions when it comes to food storage. The CDC recommends the following precautions be followed:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds before preparing, eating or handling food.
  • Always wash your cutting boards, dishes, utensils and countertops thoroughly after preparing each food item.
  • Always store your raw meats from any other food items, especially ones that will not be cooked prior to eating.
  • Always store any leftover food within 2 hours of preparation. Keep in mind that it’s okay to put hot foods directly into the refrigerator.
  • Always throw away any perishable foods that have been left out at room temperature for 2 hours or more. If they’ve been sitting out at temperatures of 90 degrees or hotter, toss them after 1 hour.

Still have questions? Visit the CDC’s website for more information and guidelines on serving food safely to your customers. 

Waiter bringing salad and appetizers to a table in a restaurant.

Liquor Liability Licenses

We know that having the ability to sell or serve liquor is essential to your catering company, but make sure that your company holds the proper licenses prior to every event. Keep in mind that certain states may have different licensing laws, so always inquire prior to accepting business out of state. Someone’s health and safety, not to mention your own liability, can depend on this!

Commercial Vehicles

If you have a catering van or truck, having the right commercial coverage on those vehicles is a must. Many people often think that they don’t need commercial coverage if they are just using their personal car or truck since it’s already insured. This is false. Always check with your licensed insurance agent to ensure your vehicle is properly protected before operating it within your company. Even if you are just using your personal car to drop off food at an event. It never hurts to be safe! Additionally, having a skilled driver with the correct class-level license is imperative to ensure that you’re protected.

A+ Service Is A Must!

Putting yourself in your customers shoes is always a great thing to remember. They hired you because they want top-notch service, right? Then make sure that’s exactly what they get! Routinely training your catering staff on customer service goes a long way toward success. Remember to put the customer first, and your business will grow from word-of-mouth. There’s more to a catering business than just delicious food! And don’t forget to always ask your happy clients to leave you a 5-star review on Google or Facebook. Online reviews are a MUST in today’s digital world.

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Having The Right Insurance

Last but not least, having the right insurance coverage for your catering business is essential and cannot be overlooked. Protection for your employees, safety, liability, vehicles, property, and more is the only way to keep your business running. Coverages such as property insurance, liability insurance, auto insurance, food spoilage and contamination, delivery errors and omissions, and liquor liability are just a few of the many essential coverages that will ensure the protection of your business for years to come. 

The Takeaway

The last thing you want is for something to come between you and your service. The foodservice and catering industry can be a competitive one, which is why it’s so important for you to adhere to proper safety protocols, take the right precautions, and care for your catering company in a way that will lead to success. Call one of our licensed insurance agents today and protect your catering company for tomorrow.