• Post last modified:April 22, 2020
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If you run a catering business, no doubt you are familiar with the ins and outs of serving your clients. AtParadiso Insurance, we are committed to keeping your catering company at the forefront of your industry, which is why we have some tips for you. Looking to protect your catering venture for many years to come? Read on!

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  • Food Storage. One of the most important thing to keep in mind when running any business in the food industry is to always take proper precautions when it comes to food storage. Never take risks with expiration dates, and always be sure to pay attention to each product’s specific needs.
  • Liquor Liability. Having the right permits and licenses to serve liquor is essential. Someone’s health and safety, not to mention your own liability, can depend on this!
  • Vehicles. If you have a catering van or truck, you need to have commercial coverage on those vehicles. Additionally, having a skilled driver with the correct class-level license is imperative.
  • Service. Those who hire a catering company are expecting to get top-notch service. Remember to put the customer first, and your business will grow from word-of-mouth. There’s more to a catering business than just delicious food!
  • Insurance. Having the right insurance coverage for your catering business is essential and cannot be overlooked. Protection for your employees, safety, liability, vehicles, property, and more is the only way to keep your business running.

The last thing you want is for something to come between you and your service. The food service and catering industry can be a competitive one, which is why it’s so important for you to adhere to proper safety protocols, take the right precautions, and care for your catering company in a way that will keep you in business for many years to come!

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